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How many of you will admit to wearing trackie dacks? It was reported in 2003 that the famous and hope-to-be famous women of the day in the USA were paying as much as $1,200 USD to own one.

Even our own Aussie ladies Dannii Minogue and Holly Valance were seen sporting the outfit. Everyone agrees they’re the most comfortable clothing to wear. But wear it outside the house? Well if Madonna can wear a bustier as outerwear, certainly her sporting designer trackie dacks seems tame.


Cardie cardigan
Woolies knitted woollen clothing. Also Woolworths Supermarket
Jumper usually a woollen sweater
Polo Neck Jumper turtle-neck sweater (USA)
Skivvy turtle-neck cotton garment with long sleeves
Dacks pants (also daks)
Trackie Dacks tracksuit pants (also trackie daks)
Trackies tracksuit
Tweeds trousers, pants
Strides trousers
Moleskins cotton trousers designed for comfort when riding a horse. The name comes
from the brushed finish that is similar to the softness of moles fur.
Stubbies shorts. Not to be confused with “stubby” which is a certain size bottle of beer.
Bathers swim suit
Budgee Smuglers men’s swim suit
Cozzie swim suit
Togs swim suit
Bathing Costume swim suit
Swimmers swim suit

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