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Melbourne Cup Winners

The first Melbourne Cup was actually run on a Thursday in 1861 and during World War II it was run on Saturdays. The trophy was not the cup we know today, but a hand-beaten gold watch. A Cup was not awarded until 1916.

40th  1900 3:29.0 Clean Sweep c R. Richardson J. Scobie F.T. Forrest
39th  1899 3:36.2 Merriwee c V. Turner J. Wilson Jr Herbert Power
38th  1898 3:29.7 The Grafter g J. Gough William Forrester William Forrester
37th  1897 3:31.0 Gaulus h S. Callinan William Forrester William Forrester
36th  1896 3:28.5 Newhaven c H. Gardiner W. Hickenbottom Jones & Cooper
35th  1895 3:29.0 Auraria f J. Stevenson J. Hill D. James
34th  1894 3:31.0 Patron h H. G. Dawes R. Bradfield F.W. Purches
33rd  1893 3:30.5 Tarcoola h H. Cripps J. Cripps J.D. Lewis
32nd  1892 3:36.2 Glenloth h G. Robson M. Carmody M. Carmody
31st  1891 3:29.2 Malvolio h G. Redfern J. Redfern J. Redfearn
30th  1890 3:28.2 Carbine h R. Ramage W. Hickenbottom D.S. Wallace
29th  1889 3:32.5 Bravo h J. Anwin T. Wilson W.T. Jones
28th  1888 3:30.7 Mentor h M. O’Brien W. Hickenbottom D.S. Wallace
27th  1887 3:28.5 Dunlop h T. Sanders J. Nicholson R. Donovan
26th  1886 3:31.0 Arsenal h W. English H. Rayner W. Gannon
25th  1885 3:29.0 Sheet Anchor h M. O’Brien T. Wilson Martin Loughlin
24th  1884 3:31.5 Malua h A. Robertson I. Foulsham J.O. Inglis
23rd  1883 3:30.7 Martini-Henri c J. Williamson M. Fenelly Hon James White
22nd  1882 3:40.5 The Assyrian h C. Hutchins J. Savill J.E. Savill
21st  1881 3:32.0 Zulu h J. Gough T. Lamond C. McDonnell
20th  1880 3:34.5 Grand Flaneur c T. Hales T. Brown William A. Long
19th  1879 3:30.7 Darriwell h S. Cracknell W. E. Dakin W. Rawlinson
18th  1878 3:35.7 Calamia h T. Brown Etienne de Mestre Etienne de Mestre
17th  1877 3:33.5 Chester c P. Pigott Etienne de Mestre Hon James White
16th  1876 3:36.0 Briseis f P. St. Albans J. Wilson James Wilson, Sr
15th  1875 3:38.0 Wollomai h R. Batty S. Moon H. Sharp
14th  1874 3:37.5 Haricot g P. Pigott S. Harding A. Chirnside
13th  1873 3:36.2 Don Juan h W. Wilson J. Wilson W. Johnstone
12th  1872 3:39.7 The Quack h W. Emerson John Tait John Tait
11th  1871 3:39.0 The Pearl h J. Cavanagh John Tait John Tait
10th  1870 3:37.0 Nimblefoot g J. Day W. Lang W. Craig
9th  1869 3:40.0 Warrior g J. Morrison R. Sevior A. Saqui
8th  1868 3:42.0 Glencoe g C. Stanley John Tait John Tait
7th  1867 3:39.0 Tim Whiffler h I. Driscoll Etienne de Mestre Etienne de Mestre
6th  1866 3:43.0 The Barb c W. Davis John Tait John Tait
5th  1865 3:44.0 Tory Boy g E. Cavanagh P. Miley B. Marshall
4th  1864 3:52.0 Lantern c S. Davis S. Mahon H. Fisher
3rd  1863 3:44.0 Banker c H. Chifney S. Wadock J. Harper
2nd  1862 3:47.0 Archer h J. Cutts Etienne de Mestre Etienne de Mestre
1st  1861 3:52.0 Archer h J. Cutts Etienne de Mestre

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