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Australian Military

The Australian Defence Force is composed of the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Australia no longer has conscription. The minimum age at which an individual may volunteer for military service is 17 years of age. The following links will take you to websites with a variety of military related information.

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Royal Australian Air Force

  1. Royal Australian Air Force
  2. Official Newspaper of the
    Royal Australian Air Force
  3. Royal Australian Air Force Aeronautical
    Information Service (RAAF AIS)
  4. Royal Australian Air Force Assoc. (RAAFA)
  5. Australian Air Force Cadets

Australian Army

  1. Australian Army
  2. Official Newspaper of the Australian Army
  3. Australian Army Cadets


  1. Anzac Day
  2. Anzac government site
  4. Anzac
  5. Remembrance Day
  6. Australian Flying Corps
  7. Anzac Research
  8. Australian Light Horse
  9. Anzac Day Tradition

Veterans and Support Associations

  1. KVAA – Korea Veterans Assoc of Australia
  2. Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers
  3. Legacy
  4. RSL National Branch
  5. RSL Honour Board Project – Victoria
  6. Australian War Veterans
  7. Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia
  8. Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service
  9. Vietnam veterans Federation of Australia
  10. Defence Community Organisation
  11. Australian Naval Institute
  12. Australian Centre for Maritime Studies
  13. Naval Historical Society of Australia
  14. Naval Association of Australia
  15. Naval Officers Club
  16. Submarines Australia
  17. 2 Comp Ord – 2nd Advanced Ordnance Depot Vietnam 1966-72
  18. Australian Army Trackers & War Dogs Assoc

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