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Rissoles are an economical everyday dish. When dining informally with a large group of people, you’ll often find Rissoles on the menu especially if it’s a barbeque.

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Many Aussies buy uncooked ready-made Rissoles from their local butcher or at the grocery store. They usually come in a variety of flavours.

All you have to do then is cook them for a quick and easy meal.

Freeze It for Fast Meals

We make our own Rissoles and triple the recipe. Then freeze the extra cooked Rissoles for future meals. You can also freeze them raw and cook them later.

We like our Rissoles cooked crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Just make sure it’s thoroughly cooked inside.

Rissoles can be served with tomato sauce or gravy as a main dish. They can also be eaten cold as a snack. Don’t believe us? Leave a plate of them out and see how quick they disappear.

Australian Rissoles

So simple, why not make them
a regular in your home.


500  grams minced lean chuck
(1 pound lean ground beef)
1  medium onion, finely chopped
90  grams (1 cup) soft bread crumbs
½  teaspoon dried mixed herbs
1  tablespoon parsley, chopped
1 egg, season and beat well
flour as needed


1. Blend all ingredients well together (except flour).
2. Shape into balls and flattened slightly. Make your rissoles about 6cm ( 2 ½” ) in diameter for a main dish, smaller if serving with pasta or as an appetiser.
3. Put flour into a bag and then add 2 Rissoles at a time. Shake gently until the Rissoles are coated. Brush off excess flour before cooking.
4. Cook on the hot plate on the barbie or indoors fry for about 20 minutes turning and browning on all sides.

RissolesVariation: take 1 carrot and 1 zucchini finely grated plus ½ red or green capsicum (green pepper) finely chopped and cook until tender in 2 teaspoons of oil over medium heat. Let cool and then add it in Step 1.

We hope you enjoy our recipe!

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