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State and Territory Flags

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Australian Capital Territory

ACT Flag adopted: 25 March 1993

The ACT flag uses Canberra’s city colours of blue and gold. On the left side of the flag is the Southern Cross in white on a blue background. In the centre of the gold section is a modified form of the Coat of Arms of the City of Canberra (a shield with castle below a crossed mace and sword. At the bottom of the shield is a rose. The shield is supported by native black and white swans).

Northern Territory

NT Flag adopted: 1 July 1978

The Northern Territory flag uses both the Territorian colours and floral emblem. On the left side of the flag is the Southern Cross in white on a black background. The right side of the flag has a large stylised Desert Rose with a black centre and seven white petals on an ochre background.

The first time the flag was flown was at the ceremony to mark the grant of self-government to the Northern Territory. The celebration took place in Darwin on 1 July 1978.


Christmas Island

Unofficial selection: April 14, 1986
The flag has not been officially approved by the Christmas Island Assembly.

The blue and green triangles represent the sea and the island vegetation. The Southern Cross in the blue triangle matches the national flag and represents the island’s link to Australia. The image in the green triangle is the Golden Bosun bird, which is unique to the island and a popular local symbol. The disc in the centre of the flag represents the island’s phosphatemining history and the green image in the centre depicts a map of Christmas Island.

Christmas Island is an external Australian Territory in the Indian Ocean, northwest of Western Australia.


Norfolk Island

Flag adopted: 17th January 1980

Two broad vertical stripes of green on the hoist and fly with central vertical white stripe with a silhouette of a Norfolk Island Pine in the same green as the end stripes.

Norfolk Island has been an Australian external territory since 1913 and is located east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean.

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