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Rainfall and Temperature

Rainfall in Australia varies greatly by location with the least amount falling in the interior. Likewise, temperature and humidity also vary greatly.

Rainfall intensity is the highest in the tropical part of Australia with more rain falling on the eastern side of the continent than the western side. The south-east and south-west corners of the continent have a temperate climate. The northern part of the country has a tropical climate with tropical rainforests, grasslands, and desert.


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Record Temperatures in Australia

Record Location Temperature
 Highest (1889) Cloncurry, QLD  53 º C  (127.4 º F )
 Lowest (1994) Charlotte Pass, NSW – 23 º C  ( – 9.4 º F )
 Highest avg month Marble Bar, WA 160 days per year
over 37.5 º C  ( 99.5 º F )

Record Rainfall in Australia

Record Location Rainfall
 Most Frequent Rainfall Lake Margaret, TAS 250 days per year avg
 Driest Area Lake Eyre 125 mm/year ( 4.9 in )
 Highest annual (1979) Bellenden Ker, QLD 11,251 mm/year ( 443 in )
 Highest 24 hours (1893) Crohamhurst, QLD 907 mm  ( 35.7 inches )
 Highest median year Bellenden Ker, QLD 4,048 mm/year  ( 159.4 in )
 Average Annual Rainfall in Australia 165 mm  ( 6.5 inches )

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