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State and Territory Codes

You can generally tell where something is from by the codes used for that state or territory.

nn below means a number     xx below means a number or letter

Area Codes
AM / FM Radio
 ACT 02 02nn*, 26nn, 29nn 1xx(x) xx(x)Cn VK1xx
 NSW 02 1nnn*, 2nnn 2xx(x) xx(x)Nn VK2xx
 VIC 03 8nnn*, 3nnn 3xx(x) xx(x)Vn VK3xx
 QLD 07 9nnn*, 4nnn 4xx(x) xx(x)Qn VK4xx
 SA 08 5nnn 5xx(x) xx(x)Sn VK5xx
 WA 08 6nnn 6xx(x) xx(x)Wn VK6xx
 TAS 03 7nnn 7xx(x) xx(x)Tn VK7xx
 NT 08 08nn 8xx(x) xx(x)Dn VK8xx

* Used for PO boxes and large users only

Exceptions to the above postcodes – where state borders are geographically confusing or a postcode spans more than one state. There are also some specific postcodes for Australia’s islands and territories that do not follow the state divisions.

Calling Australia from overseas

You need the country code for Australia + the area code for the state/territory + the phone number.

For example, to call Queensland from overseas it would be
61 (country code for Australia) + 7 (area code for QLD) + the phone number.

NOTE: You drop the leading 0 from the area code for international calls to Australia

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