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Australian Radio Stations

2SB Sydney broadcast the first commercial radio service in Australia on 23 November 1923. Initial programming was a concert featuring a soprano, a bass, a contralto, a cellist, a baritone and quartet. The baritone, George Saunders, was also the station’s first announcer. In the 1930s Saunders, known as Uncle George, conducted the Children’s Sessions at 2GB.

2FC was the second commercial radio station. It broadcast to the public for the first time on 9 January 1924 and like 2SB, it was in the form of a concert. The station was owned by the owner of the department store Farmer & Co. Ltd. and that’s where it got its name 2FC. The studio was on Farmer’s roof garden and the transmitter was at Willoughby.

Radio Call Signs
Each Australian radio station has a call sign determined in part by the state or territory in which the station is based and whether they’re AM or FM.

AM station call signs have a number followed by 2 letters and FM stations have a number followed by 3 letters. There are a few exceptions.

  • Call signs starting with 1 – ACT
  • Call signs starting with 2 – NSW or ACT
  • Call signs starting with 3 – VIC
  • Call signs starting with 4 – QLD
  • Call signs starting with 5 – SA
  • Call signs starting with 6 – WA
  • Call signs starting with 7 – TAS
  • Call signs starting with 8 – NT

Radio Call Signs

For information on Australian call signs, their meaning and history, we recommend an excellent website

  1. The Radio Heritage Collection

Radio Society

  1. NSW – Amateur Radio NSW
  2. VIC – Amateur Radio Victoria
  3. VIC – Australian Vintage Radio Society
  4. VIC – Moorabbin and District Radio Club
  5. SA – HRSA South Australia Group
  6. QLD – Historical Wireless Society of SE Queensland
  7. WA – Vintage Wireless and Gramophone Club of WA
State and Territory Radio Stations
NSW  QLD  TAS  VIC  ACT  NT  SA  WA     More Info

National Radio Links

These sites broadcast on a variety of stations across Australia. Look for a location listing or station map when you get to a site to locate a radio station near you.

  1. Vision Radio Network (Christian)
  2. SBS Radio
  3. Community Broadcasting Online
  4. Planet Rock
  5. SEA FM Network (Queensland)
  6. Austereo Networks
    Largest radio broadcaster outside America
  7. Southern Cross Broadcasting
    National talk radio network covering Australia’s major capital cities
  8. Australian Radio Network
  9. DMG Radio Australia
  10. Radio Works

General Radio Links

  1. Australian Independent Radio News
  2. Jocks Journal – radio news and jobs
  3. Radio Info – industry news and jobs
  4. Radio for All Australians Association
    For the print handicapped
  5. Australian Radio History
  6. Historical Radio Society of Australia
  7. Commercial Radio Australia
  8. Christian Media Australia
  9. Aussie Christian Gigs
  10. Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF)
  11. Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA)
  12. National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council
  13. Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA)
  14. Australian Communications Authority (ACA)
  15. Radio Info com au
  16. AM Radio Antennas

Multimedia Players

If you need a player or an upgrade, the following websites offer free downloads:

  1. Real Player
  2. Windows Media Player
  3. Win Amp Player

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