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Australia has always had a strong tradition of dance starting with Indigenous Aboriginal cultural traditions long before Captain Cook came to Australia. Today we enjoy a wide range of dance from the classical to the contemporary across Australia. If you visit our major arts festivals, you’ll be entertained by our delightful dance companies.


  1. Australia Dancing
  2. Dance Sport Australia
  3. Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing
  4. Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing
  5. Australian Dancing Society
  6. Society of Australian Teachers of Dancing

Swing, Ceroc and Rock ‘n Roll

  1. Rock N Roll Dance Studio
  2. Ceroc Australia Dance Company
  3. Ceroc Melbourne
  4. Ceroc Perth
  5. Hudson Studio, Newcastle
  6. Jill’s Jive, Brisbane
  7. LatinoRock, Gold Coast
  8. Le Bop, Melbourne
  9. Lismore Swing Connection
  10. Mamboroc, Newcastle
  11. Perth Swing Dance Society
  12. Rock Central
  13. Swing Central, Melbourne
  14. Swing Dance Brisbane
  15. Swing Factory, Perth
  16. Swing Junction, Perth
  17. Swing Patrol, Melbourne
  18. Sydney Swing Katz
  19. Tas Swing
  20. Wintersun R’nR Festival

Aboriginal and Koori Dancing

  1. Bangarra Dance Theatre
  2. Descendance
  3. NAISDA College of Dance
  4. Thulli Dreamtime Dancers, NSW

Middle Eastern Dancing

  1. Amera Palace Belly Dance, NSW
  2. Belly Dance Arabesque, Adelaide
  3. Belly Dance Artists, Brisbane
  4. Earthly Delights, Canberra
  5. Hathor Dance Studio, Sydney
  6. Seventh Veil, VIC

Other Ethnic Dancing

  1. Cahoots Cajun, Perth
  2. Scottish Country Dancing, Canberra


  1. Dance Dynamics, Melbourne
  2. Star Studios, Melbourne
  3. Dance Factory Agency, VIC
  4. Seabreeze Sequence, Brisbane
  5. Dance Central, Sydney
  6. Dance Fitness, Sydney
  7. Dance With Us, Sydney
  8. North Shore Studio, Sydney
  9. Trocadero Studio Sydney
  10. Thank Arthur it’s Friday, Sydney
  11. Mango Dance (Bollywood, Funk) Sydney
  12. Latown Sequence Dancing