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Australian Time Zones

Australia has 3 time zones: Eastern Standard Time (EST), Central Standard Time (CST) and Western Standard Time (WST).

You may also see this listed on the Internet as AEST, ACST and AWST to distinguish it from the time zones in the United States.

Most, but not all areas of Australia observe Daylight Savings.

EST – Eastern Standard Time
Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
Central Standard Time

Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Standard Time

Western Australia
Standard Time     Daylight Saving    
1 Western Australia + 8.0 hours GMT no change
2 Northern Territory + 9.5 hours GMT no change
3 South Australia + 9.5 hours GMT + 10.5 hours GMT
4 Queensland + 10.0 hours GMT no change
4 Lord Howe Island + 10.5 hours GMT + 11.5 hours GMT
5 New South Wales + 10.0 hours GMT + 11.0 hours GMT
5 ACT + 10.0 hours GMT + 11.0 hours GMT
6 Victoria + 10.0 hours GMT + 11.0 hours GMT
7 Tasmania + 10.0 hours GMT + 11.0 hours GMT

Public Holiday Calendars
ACT   QLD   NSW   VIC   TAS   NT   SA   WA

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