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When it’s Monday in Australia, it’s only Sunday in the USA. That’s because there is a 16 hour time difference between Sydney and Seattle, which can mean they’re different days. The following quote from a  Yank,
I think sums it up nicely.

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.”
Charles M. Schulz (of Snoopy fame)

You’ll also need to remember that Australian seasons are the opposite of the USA. Christmas is in the summer here (Santa wears shorts). So when you’re just coming off Daylight Savings, we’re starting it. Check Aussie dates here. To make it easier for you, we used Standard Time in the examples below. Too confusing? Click here for an easier way

Since most Americans don’t use GMT, here are your GMT hours:

 USA Time Zones Standard Time Daylight Savings
 Eastern Standard Time ( EST ) GMT – 5 hours GMT – 4 hours
 Pacific Standard Time ( PST ) GMT – 8 hours GMT – 7 hours

What does this all mean? Here’s an example:

If it is 3am Monday in Greenwich, England (GMT 0), and USA Daylight Savings, it means …

In Sydney, NSW Australia it is Monday 1 pm
in Seattle, Washington USA it is Sunday 8 pm
in New York City, NY USA it is Sunday 11 pm

Here’s how we got those times …

Greenwich, England is GMT + 0
Sydney, Australia is GMT + 10 so you add 10 hours to the Greenwich, England time
Seattle, USA is GMT – 7 so you subtract 7 hours from the Greenwich, England time
New York City, USA is GMT – 4 so you subtract 4 hours from the Greenwich, England time

Daylight Saving Time for most of the United States (changed in 2008)

Begins at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of March.
Ends at 2 a.m. on the first Sunday of November.

Daylight Saving is NOT observed in Hawaii, Arizona, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and the Eastern Time Zone portion of Indiana.

Don’t Despair. There IS an easier way!

We know of a great little program that will tell you what time it is for any location in the world. Best of all it’s free. We don’t get anything for telling you about it. Someone told us years ago and we’ve been sharing the info ever since. If you like it too, tell a friend. Sharing is such fun!

World Time 6
Dubbed “The ‘Swiss Army Knife‘ of world clocks” with unlimited clocks, each with its own time zone, Daylight Saving Time, 3D World Map with day/night display, unlimited alarms with AutoSnooze. And so many other features, you’ve got to try it to believe it. It’s so popular it has over 10,000 downloads a month with high recommendations by ZDNet and TuCows. I think you can see why we use it.

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