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Public Holidays in Queensland

Dates of public holidays change each year and vary by state. Some dates more than 12 months in advance may not yet be officially approved. While we believe the following to be correct, please check locally for the latest information.

Queensland Public Holiday Change (amendments to the Holidays Act 1983)
The Queen’s Birthday holiday has been permanently moved to the 2nd Monday of June starting in 2013. The Labor Day holiday has also been permanently moved to the 1st Monday in October starting in 2013.

— 2016 —
Fri 01 Jan New Year’s Day Mon 25 Apr ANZAC Day
Tues 26 Jan Australia Day Mon 02 May Labour Day
Fri 25 Mar Good Friday Wed 10 Aug Royal QLD Show (Brisbane area only)
Sat 26 Mar Easter Saturday Mon 03 Oct Queen’s Birthday
Sun 27 Mar Easter Sun 25 Dec Christmas Day
Mon 28 Mar Easter Monday Mon 26 Dec Boxing Day Holiday
Tues 27 Dec Christmas Day Holiday*
— 2017 —
Sun 01 Jan New Year’s Day Tues 25 Apr ANZAC Day
Mon 02 Jan New Year’s Day Holiday* Mon 01 May Labour Day
Thurs 26 Jan Australia Day Tues 16 Aug Royal QLD Show (Brisbane area only)
Fri 14 Apr Good Friday Mon 02 Oct Queen’s Birthday
Sat 15 Apr Easter Saturday Mon 25 Dec Christmas Day
Sun 16 Apr Easter Tues 26 Dec Boxing Day Holiday
Mon 17 Apr Easter Monday*

*An additional public holiday is added
From Christmas Day 2011, the Holidays Act provides for an extra public holiday to be added
when Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day falls on a weekend.

Royal National Agricultural Show Day
The RNA (Brisbane only) usually held on the second Wednesday in August
except when there are five Wednesdays. Then it’s held on the third Wednesday.

Labour Day public holiday changes
From 2016 Labour Day celebrations will revert back to the first Monday in May and the Queen’s Birthday public holiday on the first Monday in October. Legislation making the necessary changes was introduced to Parliament on 3 June 2015 and passed on 13 October 2015.

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