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Henry Lawson Question

Rod1lov wrote us wanting to know if Henry Lawson died in Abbotsford VIC (5km from Melbourne) or Abbotsford NSW (10km from Sydney). Henry Lawson, as every Aussie knows, is one of our best known and loved poet and storyteller. He died in 1922 in Abbotsford NSW.

We have 18 Henry Lawson poems and stories on our website. The Drover’s Wife by Lawson is a personal favourite.

Dead Turkey?

Vicki wrote us that her grandmother went to school in Mariba, Queensland in 1913. As a child she learned a poem in school that she’s been struggling to remember and wondered if we could help. It’s been 80 years and we applaud the fact that she remembers this much …

“The White Turkey was dead!
How the news through the barn-yard went flying!
Of a mother bereft, four small turkeys were left,
And there case for assistance was crying.”

I found the complete poem The Motherless Turkeys by Marian Douglas (1842-1913) in a book called Child Life available online at the University of Florida, USA website.

It’s funny the kind of things that get stuck in our heads … dead turkeys?!

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George Essex Evans

A sharp-eyed visitor to our website told us we accidentally left off 3 verses of Evans’ poemWomen of the West. She was right and so we’ve corrected the poem. We’ve also added 5 more poems by Evans we thought you might enjoy.

Melbourne Cup Poems

In honour of the Melbourne Cup race this month, I’ve added a Henry Kendall poem How The Melbourne Cup Was Won. There’s also on our website, Banjo Paterson’s A Dream of the Melbourne Cup.

For horse racing fans, try Gordon’s How We Beat the Favourite or Boarke’s How Babs Malone Cut Down the Field

The Loaded Dog

Spencer J. from Bellingen NSW suggested thatHenry Lawsons’ The Loaded Dog “might be included in your fine collection of stories.”

Thanks Spencer for the suggestion. The Loaded Dog has been added to the 20+ Henry Lawson stories, poems, and songs already on our website. It’s a good story and I hope everyone enjoys reading it too.