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Australian Music

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Top Music Singles in Australia

We added 70 years of Number One Singlesin Australia to our website. Most aren’t by Aussies, but it does show you what made it to the top of the Aussie music charts.

Why this list? A friend planning a birthday party asked us what music was popular in 1949 when his mom was born. I had fun looking it up and thought you might enjoy it too.

To The Ends Of The Earth

When life seems to overwhelm me, I find that music lifts my sprits. I have a rather eclectic taste. Walk by my office and you’ll hear anything from hard rock to country western to classical music depending on my mood.

When Father Galea sent me two of his latest CDs – Reach Out and What A Day, a short break suddenly became a very long one.

It was a pleasure to listen to music that’s both spiritual and comforting on a very personal level. One of my favourite songs from his new CDs is the lovely and inspirational To The Ends Of The Earth.

With Father Galea’s gracious permission, I’ve added the lyrics and his music to our websitealong with two more of his songs.
• To the Ends of the Earth
• Here I Am
• Lift Me Up

Father Galea has recorded with several renowned artists such as pop idol Guy Sebastian and Paulini. You can find his CDs at his very informative website.
• Fr Robert Galea’s Website

Fr Robert Galea is a Diocesan priest at the Sandhurst Diocese in North Victoria. He helped to found a series of fast growing youth retreats called the Stronger Youth Program.

I hope you enjoy his music as much as I did.

G’day, G’day

Adam Greenwood kindly wrote to tell us we mistakenly credited the song G’day, G’day to Slim Dusty. We’ve updated our page .. song written by the singer/songwriter Rob Fairbairn.

It’s hard to think of the song G’day, G’day without thinking of Slim who made it famous. Rob, by the way, co-wrote the song This is Australia Calling, another Aussie favourite.

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Australian Songs

In response to reader requests, I’ve added YouTube versions of many of the 100+ songs we have on this website. Some of the most requested Australian songs especially during Australia Day are –

I hope you enjoy the YouTube versions I picked.

Stormcellar Releases New CD

Michael Barry of Stormcellar sent me their latest CD release titled Hired Guns & Borrowed Glory. (Thank you for all the autographs!)

Hired Guns & Borrowed Glory is their 5th album of original songs. With the band making it to # 1 on the Australian Blues/Roots Chart and # 49 on the US National Blues Chart, their credentials are well established.

While Stormcellar has been put in a box labeled Australian Blues / Roots, this might be changing. I don’t like boxes myself, but if I had to put them in one it might be Ozicana.

Never heard of Ozicana? Not surprising. It’s a new kind of Australian music. Salty Dog Dennis Trevarthen coined the term Ozicana – a blend of urban roots, blues, country and folk. Harder to explain than to just sit back and listen for yourself.

One of my favourite songs from the new CD is Black Crow. I’ve added the lyrics and the music to our website along with the other 2 Stormcellar songs we have.
     • Black Crow
• Last Drinks at Glenrowan
• Sunshine in the Rain

The band can be seen performing at various venues all over Australia as well as on radio and television. I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do. Their CDs are available at theStormcellar website.

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