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Oh! My Walla!

Hanna M. from Germany asked us to find a song she heard sitting around the campfire on her recent visit to Australia.

“Oh my Walla! It’s rumbling it’s tumbling”

Luckily we found it for her. It’s called Oh! My Walla! and listed along with others in Why Reconciliation? Conference booklet by the students and staff of SA schools. Link to 69 page PDF. It looks like a good resource for parents and teachers wanting to know more about reconciliation.

Martin’s Unknown Song

Martin from Denmark is looking for a funny song he heard while visiting Australia. It’s about a guy with a plum tree in the backyard. As Martin describes it, you sing about something “in the back and something in the front” of the house while you “tell the story of the song with your arms”.

Aussie Song Answer

To all the people who wrote to us about the song Martin from Denmark was looking for … yes, it’s Home Among the Gum Trees.

Martin didn’t think that was the song, but as Mike, an Aussie who wrote to us said, “Most people relate only to the chorus of the song, thinking the chorus is the song. When they see [the rest of] the words, they say I don’t know that song.” We agree. That’s probably why Martin thinks it’s not what he heard while visiting Australia.

Lyn’s Mystery Song

Lyn contacted us for help with a song. “I am going slowly mad trying to find what I believe was a song which included:

‘… pioneers of Australia,
may your glory never fade,
pioneers of Australia,
our heritage you made …’

“I have Googled everything I can think of”

Sadly, I struck out too and cannot find that song. If you know what it is, please let me know.

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Looking for . . .

Bill B wrote me asking for help, “Stealaway at the Argyle Tavern in 1986 had a song called I’m Australia. Any information on it? I loaned my cassette out and never got it back. I believe one of the Cooey Brothers was in the group.”

“It went something like: I’m Australia, I’m Australia, there’s more to me than what you think you see.”

Aussie Challenge
Grazia M wrote me, “There was a movie made about the 1983 win. I believe it was called Aussie Challenge. I wondered if a DVD exists and is available for purchase.”

Digger’s Rest
Joan L is looking for a song she heard 20 years ago on a children’s tape. Part of the chorus was “… and Perth and Darwin and Sydney and Digger’s Rest …”

If anyone can help with info, please email me and I’ll send the information on to them.

Another Unknown Song

Kristen wants to know the words to this song. It’s another version of the 12 Days of Christmas Aussie Style.

Part of it is …

On the fourth day of Christmas,
a goanna on the rock said it’s stinkin’ hot
How ’bout the flies
Good on ya, cob
Have a ripper Aussie Christmas mateOn the fifth day of Christmas,
Frank put up the sign total fire ban

If you know this song, please let us know and we’ll send the info to them.

More Unknown Songs

Rosie is looking for a song called Good On Ya Blue or Blue the Roo. She said it came out on a 45 record around 1982. If you know it, please let us know so we can pass on the info.