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Is it true there are more kangaroos in Australia than people?

Did Slim Dusty really write the song G’day, G’day? Is jaffa a lolly or cricket slang? What American holidays are celebrated in Australia?

I get lots of questions and of course corrections when someone spots something we have wrong. So I thought I would answer your questions and share interesting things you might like to know.

Some questions I get are serious and some are really funny. A mate of ours who visited America years ago said he was truly disappointed because he couldn’t find any Bay Watch Girls at the beach there.

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He’s rather a boofhead and thought the American TV show was real.

So it is not surprising that people ask us things like “do you all say “Crikey!” like Steve Irwin was heard to say. The answer is a resounding no. And those that used to occasionally say it, no longer do. People teased Steve about it, but he was a pretty good bloke and took it with good humour. I admire the way he always encouraged people to appreciate and take care of Australia’s land and wildlife.