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Comments from You

I get so many lovely emails that I thought I would share some with you. Sadly there are too many to reply to every one personally, although I do try.

This one is from a man in Melbourne:
“Wonderful site, typically Australian layout and not jazzed up and Americanised. I love Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson. I was exposed to these writers through ‘The Loaded Dog‘.”

“Though I am a ‘new’ migrant (11 years in Australia today) my mom had a ‘pen’ friend from Melbourne in the 60’s.

We would see the Australian lifestyle in photos sent by her. Never imagined I would come to live here one day, 20 years after my mom died. I love it here!!”

Email from Julie I:
“Just a thank you for the concise explanation between Aussie meat pies and American pot pies! I’ve read every explanation everywhere of each of them – separately – but you were the first to clearly lay out the DIFFS for my yank eyes! Thanks! “

Jamie B. wrote me:
“Love your site. I was stationed in Alice Springs for 3 years with the US Air Force and miss it. I’ve been back in the states for 15 years and still get ‘home sick for the Alice’.”

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“While visiting your site, I noticed you don’t have any links for Facebook (share and like).
Ed. note: we do have Facebook, Twitter, Pin It, G+ links. You’ll find them generally near the top of every page. We love it when people share our website.

Jamie goes on: “I have a few Aussie friends here in the states and abroad who would love your site, if they don’t already. By the way, I love the links to the Aussie songs. The Happy Little Vegemites brought back memories. Thanks for making me home sick again.”

A really short email from Dominique T in France:
It’s not a question. It’s simply to say thank you for the beautiful site you give us. Thanks dear Aussies.”

And just one more: “G’day, Sue here. I’m often on your website and enjoy very much my stay here and the improvements you make from time to time 🙂 As am Aussie and living in Adelaide. I would wish your survey would asked also ‘are you living here’ as I don’t like to be seen as visitor 🙁 Keep up your good work and all the best … and when I can spare some cent of my pension I’ll send you a small amount 🙂 Cheers mates.”