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Ethel Castilla

1861 – see note

Australian writer

Ethel Castilla was born in Kyneton, Victoria on 19 June 1861. She was the daughter of Frederic Ramos de Castilla, an Englishman of Spanish descent, and May Robertson, daughter of an Edinburgh writer. She was a frequent contributor to the Sydney Mail and The Australasian. She spent most of her life in Melbourne, Victoria.

NOTE: Wrong date of birth and death
The often quoted date of Ethel Castilla’s birth and death (1837-1895) you see on a variety of websites is wrong. That date

actually refers to a book edited by Edmund Clarence Stedman called “A Victorian Anthology, 1837 – 1895”. Castilla’s poem An Australian Girl appears in that Anthology. Sorry, we are unable to reliably determine her date of death.

Castilla’s works include:

  • 1900  The Australian Girl, and other Verses

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