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Slim Dusty Record Albums

With over 5 million recordings sold in Australia,
Slim Dusty was the biggest selling Australian recording artist.

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  • My Old Aussie Homestead
  • You Stepped Out of Line
  • The Paper Boy
  • Old Home Week
  • You’ve Got the Cleanest Mind
  • Fair Dinkum
  • Pastures of Home
  • Dreamin’ on the Sliprail
  • That’s a Sad Affair
  • Lonely Lonesome Blues
  • The Whispering Bush
  • Where the Western Clouds at Sunset Turn to Gold

I Haven’t Changed a Bit


  • Australia Is His Name
  • Coming Down the Barkly
  • Callaghan’s Hotel
  • The Pub Rock
  • Drownin’ My Blues
  • Life Is Like a River
  • Don’t Fool Around anymore
  • The Ballad of Port Macquarie
  • Aussie Doghouse Blues
  • The Melbourne Cup
  • I Haven’t Changed a Bit
  • This Country of Mine
  • Goldrush Country
  • Never Mind

Slim Dusty - I Haven't Changed a Bit

Slim Dusty - Encores
Slim Dusty - Foolin' Around
Slim Dusty - Me and My Guitar
Slim Dusty - An Evening With Slim and Joy

Foolin’ Around


  • Foolin’ Around
  • Cause I Have You
  • Top of the World
  • A Prouder Man Than You
  • This Song Is Just for You
  • Eternal Love
  • God’s Own Singer of Song
  • Many Mothers
  • The Kingdom I Call Home
  • Happy Anniversary
  • The Day I Married You
  • The Long Road

Me and My Guitar


  • Ramblin’ Shoes
  • The Man from Snowy River
  • Second Class, Wait Here
  • That Was Years Ago
  • She Wasn’t There to Meet Me
  • Mackenzie Country
  • Boots of Many Colours
  • Anthill Style
  • Peter Anderson and Co.
  • Do You Think That I Do Not Know
  • Roughriders
  • The Birdsville Track
  • Drought

An Evening With Slim and Joy


  • If Jesus Called on You
  • Road of Loneliness
  • Road Train Blues
  • The Wild Life You Lead
  • Barb’ry Allen
  • Bury Me Beneath the Willow
  • Old Paint
  • The Spinning Wheel
  • Down the Dusty Road to Home
  • Morning Mail
  • My Love’s a Stranger Now
  • When It’s Lamplighting Time in the Valley

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