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Slim Dusty Record Albums

With over 5 million recordings sold in Australia,
Slim Dusty was the biggest selling Australian recording artist.

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Way Out There


  • Way Out There
  • Pay Day at the Pub
  • Sunny Southern Sue
  • Faded Coat of Blue
  • Silver Spurs
  • Big Moon
  • My Home on the Sunburnt Plains
  • Highway Blues
  • My Journey Home (It’s Never the Same)
  • Mother’s Wedding Band
  • The Decimal Currency Pub
  • Showers of Blessings

Things I See Around Me


  • Things I See Around Me
  • Blackened Quarts Are Boiling
  • Copped the Lot
  • Not Much to Show
  • Commercial D.T.’s
  • Harry Boden . . . Derelict
  • Smiles
  • Three Rivers Hotel
  • End of the Canning Stock Route
  • Good Old Days
  • The Last of the Bushmen
  • The Bull Stag

Lights on the Hill


  • Pushin’ Time
  • The Home Run
  • Worst in the World
  • Foggy Mirrors
  • Ridin’ This Road
  • Interstater
  • Lights on the Hill
  • Bent-Axel Bob
  • There Lies a Workhorse
  • Truckin’s in My Blood
  • A Turckie’s Last Will and Testament
  • Hear ‘Em Go

Slim Dusty - Lights on the Hill

Slim Dusty - Way Out There
Slim Dusty - Where Country Is
Slim Dusty - Things I See Around Me
Slim Dusty - I'll Take Mine Country Style

Where Country Is


  • G’Day Blue
  • Dinkum Bushman’s Hands
  • Where Country Is
  • The Big Wet Is Over
  • Mack (A Final Tribute)
  • No Place on Earth Like Australia
  • One Truckie’s Epitaph
  • The Bogong
  • The Ocker
  • Inigo Jones (Indigo Jones)
  • Redford
  • Big Yabbies from the Creek

I’ll Take Mine Country Style


  • You’d Better Be Waiting
  • I’ll Take Mine Country Style
  • The Drunkard
  • My Pal Alcohol
  • Along the Road to Gundagai
  • The Ace of Hearts
  • If You Walk Out that Gate
  • Maple Sugar Sweetheart
  • Where the Desert Flowers Bloom
  • Rose of Red River Valley
  • Somebody’s Mother
  • A Word to Texas Jack

On the Wallaby


  • Australia’s on the Wallaby
  • Another Day Another Town
  • Rocky’s Run
  • Water (If It Took Fifty Years)
  • Old Feller, Are the Good Old Days Gone Forever
  • Old Time Country Halls
  • Two Rats at Tobruk
  • Sonny
  • So Many Ballads to Play
  • Dust and Saddle Grease
  • Gettin’ Up and Goin’

Slim Dusty - On the Wallaby

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