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Slim Dusty Record Albums 6

With over 5 million recordings sold in Australia,
Slim Dusty was the biggest selling Australian recording artist.

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King of Kalgoorlie


  • On My Road
  • Like a Family to Me
  • King of Kalgoorlie
  • Still the Way I Feel
  • Straight Ahead
  • The Last Ride
  • Balladeers of Australia
  • City of Mount Isa
  • Lady Luck
  • Sands of Tanami
  • A Thousand Years Ago
  • Jim

Slim Dusty - Rodeo Riders

Rodeo Riders


  • Rough Riders
  • Old Riders in the Grandstand
  • Mareeba’s Rodeo Song
  • Rope and Saddle Blues
  • Rodeo Riders
  • Not Much to Show
  • Cattle Camp Reverie
  • The Battle with the Roan
  • Stock Horses
  • Isa Rodeo
  • How Will I Go with Him Mate
  • Whoa Bullocks Whoa
Slim Dusty - King of Kalgoorlie
Slim Dusty - Who's Riding Old Harlequin Now?
Slim Dusty - The Man Who Steadies the Lead

Who’s Riding Old Harlequin Now?


  • Who’s Riding Old Harlequin Now?
  • Nulla Creek
  • Every Little Bit of Australia
  • Old Dan
  • The Brass Well
  • Your Country’s Been Sold
  • Banjo’s Man
  • Old King Coal
  • Last Thing to Learn
  • I Guess You Have
  • Captain Thunderbolt
  • It Takes a Drought

The Man Who Steadies the Lead


  • The Man Who Steadies the Lead
  • Leave Him in the Long Yard
  • Dreaming
  • The Foxleigh Rodeo
  • Now I’m Easy
  • An Independent Bloke
  • The Ballad of Big Bill Smith
  • No Man’s Land
  • Plains of Peppimenarti
  • The Clearing Sale
  • Foolscap Tombstones
  • Give My Regards to Edna
  • The Pearl of Them All

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