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Famous Australian September Birthdays


WERE YOU or someone you know born in September? You’ll find below some notable Australian politicians, authors, actors, musicians, athletes and even a Nobel Prize winner that have September birthdays.

JAN   1-15   16-31 APR   1-15   16-30 JULY   1-15   16-31 OCT   1-15   16-31
FEB   1-15   16-29 MAY   1-15   16-31 AUG   1-15   16-31 NOV   1-15   16-30
MAR   1-15   16-31 JUNE   1-15   16-31 SEPT   1-15   16-30 DEC   1-15   16-31
Birth Death Born in September A little bit about them . . .
17 Sept 1962 Baz Luhrmann Australian screenwriter, producer, film director  (Strictly Ballroom, Moulin Rouge, Australia), Australian Film Institute 1992, 1999, and BAFTA Awards 1998
18 Sept 1876 -1953 James Scullin 9th Prime Minister of Australia (1929-1932), Australian Labor Party, his portrait is on 1975 stamp
18 Sept 1889 -1970 Doris Blackburn Australian politician, second woman elected to Australian House of Representatives (1946-1949), co-founded Aboriginal Advancement League, president of Woman’s International League for Peace and Freedom
18 Sept 1893 -1960 Arthur Benjamin Australian pianist, composer (Jamaican Rumba, opera – The Devil Take Her), film scores (Scarlet Pimpernel, Hitchcock’s Man Who Knew Too Much)
18 Sept 1939 Gerry Harvey Australian businessman, co-founder Harvey Norman Australian retail chain, got his start selling vacuum cleaners and fridges door-to-door, Forbes ranked 23rd richest Australian (2012), one of largest horse breeders in world with over 600 thoroughbreds in his stables
19 Sept 1973 Jeremy Lindsay Taylor Australian actor (Heartbreak High, Stingers, Blue Heelers, Underbelly Razor, Sea Patrol)
19 Sept 1991 Demelza Reveley Australian model, 2008 Australia’s Next Top Model
20 Sept 1969 Tim Rogers Australian singer, songwriter, front man of Australian rock band You Am I, movie soundtrack (Dirty Deeds)
20 Sept 1972 Jenny Morris Australian field hockey, gold at 1996 and 2000 Olympics, gold at 1994 World Cup, gold at 1993, 1995, 1997, 2000 (bronze) for Hockey Champions Trophy (International Hockey Federation)
20 Sept 1960 Peter Phelps Australian actor (Stingers, Baywatch, Rafferty’s Rules, Heartbreak High, Water Rats, Underbelly: Tale of Two Cities), Logie Award 2002, AFI Award 1993
21 Sept 1983 Anna Meares Australian track cyclist, gold & bronze medals 2004 Olympicsbronze 2002 Commonwealth Games
21 Sept 1957 Kevin Michael Rudd 26th Prime Minister of Australia (two terms: 2007 – 2010, 2013 – 2013) Australian Labor Party, 13 Feb 2008 read an apology to Indigenous Australian for stolen generations
22 Sept 1953 Kerri-Anne KennerlyKerri-Anne Wright Australian television personality (Midday, Greed, Good Morning Australia, What’s Cooking, Kerri-Anne), actor (Restless Years), first TV appearance at age of 13 (Channel Niners, Everybody’s In)
22 Sept 1885 -1951 Ben Chifley 16th Prime Minister of Australia (1945-1949), Labor Party, during his term: establishment of Australian citizenship, Snowy Mountains Scheme, founding of ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization) start of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)
22 Sept 1957 Nick Cave Australian musician, composer (Metamorphosis), band member (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Birthday Party, Grinderman), ARIA Hall of Fame 2007
22 Sept 1967 Kim Watkins Australian television personality (9am with David and Kim, The Circle, 7PM Project), started at age of 12 as the co-host of the children’s show You Asked For It
24 Sept 1961 Fiona Corke Australian actress (Neighbours, Prisoner Cell Block H, Man from Snowy River series, Blue Heelers, Sea Change, Saddle Club, City Homicide)
24 Sept 1899 -1970 William Dobell Australian sculptor and painter, Archibald Prize in 1943 (Joshua Smith), 1948 (Margaret Olley), and in 1959 (Dr. Edward MacMahon)
24 Sept 1914 -1991 John Kerr 18th Australian Governor-General, dismissed Prime Minister Gough Whitlam’s Labor government (1975) creating a constitutional crisis forcing an election, after Kerr’s resignation years later he moved to London due to relentless harassment while in Australia
25 Sept 1862 -1952 William Hughes 7th Prime Minister of Australia (1915-1923), Australian Nationalist Party, honoured in a 1972 stamp, known for irrepressible optimism & patriotism
25 Sept 1952 Colin Friels Scottish-Australian actor (Play School, Monkey Grip, Malcolm, Ground Zero, Water Rats, Black Jack, Bastard Boys), 1997 Logie Award
25 Sept 1927 Val Jellay Australian actress (Flying Doctors, Prisoner, Neighbours), began in vaudeville working in Tivoli circuit (1893-1950s) before moving to radio, film & TV
26 Sept 1964 Brett Climo Australian actor (Sons and Daughters, Country Practice, Flying Doctors, Man from Snowy River, Water Rats, Blue Heelers, Stingers, All Saints)
26 Sept 1962 Peter Foster Australian con man, from age of 20 convicted of a variety of offences in Australia and abroad, sold his memoirs to UK publisher for reported for $1.2 million
27 Sept 1923 James Condon Australian actor (Homicide, Neighbours, Number 96, Sons and Daughters, Prisoner, Blue Heelers), married to actress Anne Haddy (Helen Daniels in Neighbours)
27 Sept 1953 Greg Ham Australian musician (Men At Work), actor (While You’re Down There), primary school guitar teacher
27 Sept 1954 Ray Hadley Australian talkback radio broadcaster (2UE, 2GB), television personality (Sky News Australia, Footy Show), long-time promoter in Lowes menswear ads
28 Sept 1947 Bob Carr Australian politician, 39th Premier of NSW (1995-2005) Labor Party, championed embryonic stem cell research, argued for calorie info on restaurant menus
28 Sept 1968 Naomi Watts British-Australian actress (Hey Dad, Brides of Christ, Home and Away, The Ring, King Kong, 21 Grams)
29 Sept 1887 -1957 Billy Bevan William Bevan Harris Australian actor (Mr Deeds Goes to Town, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Picture of Dorian Gray), when talkies came his Aussie accent was taken as British
29 Sept 1930 Richard Bonynge Australian conductor, pianist, coached famed soprano Joan Sutherland and later married her (1954), from early ’60’s he conducted almost all her performances
29 Sept 1951 Maureen Caird Australian track athlete, gold medal 1968 Olympic Games, silver medal 1970 Commonwealth Games
29 Sept 1961 Julia Eileen Gillard 27th Prime Minister of Australia (2010 – 2013) Labor Party, first woman Australian Prime Minister, migrated to Australia from Wales when she was 5
30 Sept 1922 Alan Stretton Australian Army officer, Major General of Australian Army, commander of the Cyclone Tracy Relief Operation (1974), Australian of the Year 1975
30 Sept 1951 Barry Marshall Australian physician, 2005 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the role of Helicobacter pylori in gastritis and ulcers, Australian Centenary Medal 2003

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