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Famous Australian October Birthdays

OCTOBER 1 to 15 OCTOBER 16 to 31

Were you or someone you know born in October? You’ll find below some notable Australian politicians, actors, musicians, athletes and even Bathurst 1000 winners that have October birthdays.
JAN 1-15 16-31 APR 1-15 16-30 JULY 1-15 16-31 OCT 1-15 16-31
FEB 1-15 16-29 MAY 1-15 16-31 AUG 1-15 16-31 NOV 1-15 16-30
MAR 1-15 16-31 JUNE 1-15 16-31 SEPT 1-15 16-30 DEC 1-15 16-31


Birth Death Born in October A little bit about them . . .
16 Oct 1916 -1997 George Turner Australian author (Cupboard Under the Stairs, Lame Dog Man, Beloved Son, Sea and Summer), Miles Franklin Award 1962, Arthur C Clark Award 1988
16 Oct 1967 Michael York Australian field hockey, silver medal 1992 Olympics, bronze medal 1996 and 2000 Olympics
16 Oct 1976 Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald Australian rules footballer and media personality, 4th place in Big Brother Australia 2004, co-hosted Big Brother & Friday Night Games 2005-6
16 Oct 1985 Casey Stoner Australian motorcycle racer, 2007 MotoGP World Champion
16 Oct 1959 Martin Sacks Australian actor (Blue Heelers, Underbelly, Do or Die, Restless Years, My Husband My Killer), Logie 1997, Logie 1998, Logie 1999, Logie 2000, Logie 2001
17 Oct 1917 -1991 Sumner Locke Elliott Australian-American novelist (Careful He Might Hear You, Rusty Bugles, Signs of Life, Signs of Life), Miles Franklin Award 1963
17 Oct 1946 Drusilla Modjeska Australian writer (Poppy, The Orchard, Sisters)
17 Oct 1959 Russell Gilbert Australian comedian (Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Bringles, Russell Gilbert Show), actor (Ned Kelly, The Extra)
18 Oct 1942 Larry Pickering Australian political cartoonist (Canberra Times, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian)
18 Oct 1954 Liz Burch Australian actress (Flying Doctors, Cop Shop, Five Mile Creek, Ocean Girl, Crash Burn)
19 Oct 1958 Tiriel Mora Australian actor, best known as local solicitor Dennis Denuto in the popular Australian film The Castle
20 Oct 1971 Dannii Minogue Australian singer (Love and Kisses, Neon Nights, Get Into You), actor (Home and Away), judge (X Factor, Australia’s Got Talent), Kylie Minogue’s sister
20 Oct 1959 Mark Little Australian actor (Neighbours, Blackball), TV presenter (Big Breakfast, The Villa), comedian
20 Oct 1994 Morgan Featherstone Australian model, career began at 6 months old when she appeared in a cheese ad, she was subjected to intense media & public speculation that modelling would ruin her childhood, but it appears not to be true
21 Oct 1942 Allan “Gricey” Grice Australian race car driver, won Bathurst 1000 in 1986, 1990, politician (Member for Broadwater 1992-2001)
24 Oct 1987 Lincoln Lewis Australian actor (Home and Away, Tomorrow When the War Begins, Underbelly Razor), Logie Award 2010, his father is rugby league footballer and coach Wally Lewis
24 Oct 1989 Eliza Taylor Cotter Australian actress (Neighbours, Pirate Islands, The Sleepover Club)
25 Oct 1941 Helen Reddy Australian singer (I Am Woman, Delta Dawn, Leave Me Alone, Angie Baby,) ARIA Hall of Fame
25 Oct 1958 Lenore Smith Australian actress (Flying Doctors, Restless Years, The Man Who Sued God, Farscape, Outriders)
26 Oct 1967 Keith Urban New Zealand-Australian country singer (It’s a Love Thing, Somebody Like You, Without You, I’m In), ARIA music award (2001, 2003, 2005, 2007), CMAA music award (91, 92, 98, 01, 03, 04, 07, 10, 12) Grammy Award (2006, 2008, 2010, 2011), married to Australian actress Nicole Kidman
27 Oct 1728 -1779 James Cook British explorer, navigator and cartographer (charted with unusual accuracy for his day Newfoundland, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and other lands), and as commander of Endeavour his sailing master was William Bligh (later to command HMS Bounty)
28 Oct 1942 Terence Donovan English-Australian actor (Prisoner, Sons and Daughters, Division 4, Neighbours, Cop Shop, Man from Snowy River), father of actor Jason Donovan
29 Oct 1947 Helen Coonan Australian politician (Liberal senator for NSW), first woman to hold an Australian Treasury portfolio (2001-04) since Federation
29 Oct 1964 Jackie Pereira Australian field hockey player, member of Australian Women’s Hockey Team Hockeyroos, gold medal in 1988 and 1996 Olympics, gold medal 1994 and silver 1990 World Cup
29 Oct 1983 Richard Brancatisano Australian actor (Power Rangers Mystic Force, Home and Away), Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial 2007
30 Oct 1948 Garry McDonald Australian actor (Aunty Jack Show, Flash Nick from Jindivik, Mother and Son, Picnic at Hanging Rock), best known for comedic character Norman Gunston, Gold Logie awarded in 1976 to Norman Gunston (only Logie awarded to a character), Logie 1976 and 1994, Logie Hall of Fame 1997
30 Oct 1958 Stefan Dennis Australian actor (Neighbours, Sullivans, Henderson Kids, Young Doctors, Dream Team, River City), and singer (Don’t It Make You Feel Good?)
31 Oct 1888 -1958 Hubert Wilkins
George Hubert Wilkins
Australian polar explorer, aviator, war correspondent, geographer, photographer, 1912 became first person to film combat, 1918 awarded Military Cross, Knighted in 1928, so respected by US Navy that after he died his ashes were scattered in a memorial service at the North Pole by the men of the submarine USS Skate.
31 Oct 1929 -2004 Eddie Charlton Australian snooker and English billiards player, 1983 rated 4th among worlds 125 best snooker players, rated 6th in the world at age 55
31 Oct 1986 Christie Hayes Australian actress (Home and Away, Search for Treasure Island), Pepsi Light commercial 2006