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Famous Australian August Birthdays

AUGUST 1 TO 15     AUGUST 16 TO 31

WERE YOU or someone you know born in August? You’ll find below some notable Australian politicians, footballers, actors, musicians, and athletes that have August birthdays. (I was born 14 August and Max was born 22 August. We may not be famous, but two Leos under the same roof means it’s never boring.)

JAN   1-15   16-31 APR   1-15   16-30 JULY   1-15   16-31 OCT   1-15   16-31
FEB   1-15   16-29 MAY   1-15   16-31 AUG   1-15   16-31 NOV   1-15   16-30
MAR   1-15   16-31 JUNE   1-15   16-31 SEPT   1-15   16-30 DEC   1-15   16-31
Birth Death Born in August A little bit about them . . .
01 Aug 1946 Fiona Stanley Australian epidemiologist, noted for research into birth disorders such as cerebral palsy, 2003 Australian of the Year, 2004 Australian National Living Treasure
02 Aug 1865 -1955 John Radecki Polish-Australian stained glass artist, works include St Scholastica’s Convent in Glebe, Presbyterian Church in Wollongong, St Patricks in Kogarah, Mitchell Library
02 Aug 1930 -2003 Vali Myers Australian artist specializing in fine pen and ink drawings
02 Aug 1945 Alex Jesaulenko
Alex Esaulenko
Austrian-Australian footballer, 1996 Australian Football Hall of Fame and in 2008 elevated to Legend status
03 Aug 1856 -1919 Alfred Deakin 2nd Prime Minister of Australia (1903-04), Australian Protectionist Party, leader of Australian federation movement, honoured with his portrait on 1969 stamp
04 Aug 1923 Reg Grundy Australian media and TV mogul, his company produced many popular TV series including: Neighbours, Sons and Daughters, Prisoner, Sale of the Century & others
04 Aug 1989 Jessica Mauboy Indigenous Australian singer (Young Divas), actress (Bran Nue Dae), 2nd place in Australian Idol 2006
05 Aug 1908 -1967 Harold Holt 17th Prime Minister of Australia (1966-67), Australian Liberal Party, Holt was presumed dead after extensive searches when he disappeared while swimming at Cheviot Beach near Portsea, Victoria
05 Aug 1951 John Jarratt Australian actor (Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Last Outlaw, McLeod’s Daughters, Wolf Creek, Australia)
06 Aug 1826 -1915 Thomas A. Browne
Rolf Boldrewood
Australian writer (Robbery Under Arms, Babes in the Bush, Nevermore, A Sydney-Side Saxon)
06 Aug 1951 Daryl Somers
Daryl Schultz
Australian TV personality, host of TV show Hey Hey It’s SaturdayTV Week Gold Logie 1983, 1986, 1989, and has a star on Caloundra Walk of Stars
07 Aug 1938 Helen Caldicott Australian physician, author (Nuclear Madness), anti-nuclear advocate, host of weekly radio program If You Love This Planet, Smithsonian Institution named her one of the most influential women of 20th century
07 Aug 1943 Lana Cantrell American-Australian singer, entertainment lawyer
08 Aug 1880 -1961 Earle C. G. Page 11th Prime Minister of Australia (1939-1939), Australian Country Party, Canberra suburb of Page named after him, honoured with his portrait on 1975 postage stamp
08 Aug 1928 Don Burrows Australian musician played with the greats (Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie, Tony Bennett), 1991 ARIA Hall of Fame1989 Australian National Living Treasure
08 Aug 1935 John Laws
Australian radio personality (nickname Golden Tonsils), central figure in the 1999 Cash-for-Comment scandal
09 Aug 1899 -1996 P. L. Travers
Helen Lyndon Goff
Australian author (Mary Poppins), she disliked the animation in Disney’s movie version of Mary Poppins
09 Aug 1990 Adelaide Kane Australian actress (Neighbours, Power Rangers RPM)
10 Aug 1928 -2010 Gus Mercurio American-Australian actor (Man from Snowy River, Crocodile Dundee II, The Sullivans), and boxer (Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame 2008)
11 Aug 1983 Chris Hemsworth Australian Actor (Home and Away, Star Trek, Thor), Logie Award for Most Popular New Talent 2005
11 Aug 1988 Patrick Mills Indigenous Australian basketball player, drafted by Portland Trail Blazers in 2009 NBA Draft.
12 Aug 1886 -1952 Keith Murdoch Australian journalist, newspaper owner, wrote letter in WWI to Australian PM Andrew Fisher exposing problems reporters saw in Gallipoli. This helped cause Hamilton to be relieved of command and then to successfully evacuate our troops from there. Keith Murdoch is the father of media mogul Rupert Murdoch.
12 Aug 1928 Charles Blackman Australian artist, his paintings can be found in the collections of major public galleries in Australia, London, Paris, Japan, and the USA
12 Aug 1939 Pam Kilborn-Ryan Australian athlete (long jump, hurdles, and relay),Commonwealth Games 2 gold 19622 gold 19662 gold 1970, Olympic medals bronze 1964, silver 1968
13 Aug 1790 -1872 William Wentworth Australian explorer, politician, leading political figure advocating trial by jury, freedom of the press, abolition of convict transportation, self-government for colonies
14 Aug 1915 -1998 B.A. Santamaria Australian political activist, journalist, divisive but influential man espousing traditional Australian conservatism in The Australian newspaper and on TV

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