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Uniquely Australian

What makes Aussies unique? Is it what we eat and drink? Perhaps it’s our unique version of English that confuses many tourists. Australia is certainly like no other place in the world. We hope you enjoy learning about some of the things that shape us and are shaped by us.

Australian Events

Australian Country Music Awards
Since its beginning in 1973, the CMAA Golden Guitar Awards play a key role in Australian country music.
 Includes all winners. updated

Melbourne Cup Horse Race

It’s the race that stops a nation and a national institution more than any other Aussie race.
New .. Melbourne Cup Trivia
 Includes all winners since 1861.

ARIA Music Awards

Since 1987 the ARIA Awards has honoured and celebrated excellence and innovation in Australian music.
 Includes all winners.

TV Week Logie Awards

Logie Awards started in 1958, two years after the television was introduced in Australia.
 Includes all winners.

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

An icon of Australia’s summer sport, no yearly yachting event in the world attracts so much media coverage as this race.
 Includes all winners. updated

Bathurst 1000 Road Race

Put fierce competitors driving the hottest V8 Supercars together with a Holden and Ford rivalry and you’ve got a great race.
 Includes all winners.

Australian FootballLeague
Chas Brownlow Trophy
. updated

The Brownlow Medal is a prestigious award and considered to be the highest honour an individual player may receive in the AFL.
 Includes all winners.

Australian Horse Racing Hall of Fame
Winners and Legends
. updated

The Australian Racing Hall of Fame was created to honour and document Australia’s horse racing legends.

Aussie Style

Akubra Hat

Aussies have many things that make them unique. This hat is one of the best known.

Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are a very dinky-die Aussie icon no matter what some #$%# company tells you. Learn why.

Driza-Bone Coats

Ever see the movie Man From Snowy River ? Then you’ve seen our these famous coats.

Australian Songs

Over 100 Aussie Songs

• Children’s Songs
• Christmas Songs
• Wartime Songs
• Humorous Songs
• Convicts, Bushrangers
• Horse Racing Songs
• Drovers, Shearers Songs
• Immigration Songs & more

Waltzing Matilda

Has the original meaning of this song been changed? Compare both versions and decide for yourself.

70 years of Number One Singles

Australian Food

Favourite Aussie Recipes

We have recipes for Damper, Rissoles, Meat Pie, Pavlova, Lamingtons and more. Learn about these favourite foods.


An Aussie icon food with 90% of Aussies having a jar in the pantry. Includes history & song.

Aeroplane Jell

Aussie favourite made special by the much loved endearing jingle. Includes history & lyrics.

Australian Cuts of Beef, Lamb and Pork

Speaking Australian

When is English not English?

When you’re in Australia, of course. So is it a cookie or a biscuit? Will you need a doctor if you’re gobsmacked? Check our lists and find out.

Aussie Slang Phrases

Aussie Slang Words

Aussie Rhyming Slang

A creative way to play with the English language.

SEARCH for a word

Find a specific slang word

Spelling Australian Style

The Brits, Yanks and Aussies don’t agree on how some English words are spelled. Which version do you use to spell the words in our list?

1920s Dictionary

Get a glimpse into the way people spoke in the past. If you are reading Australian literature, you may find this dictionary very helpful.

More Sports on our website

In Know Australia

Summer Olympic Games
Australian medal winners since 1896

Winter Olympic Games
Australian medals won during Winter Games

Commonwealth Games
All Australian medal winners.

In Tall Poppy

Dawn Fraser – The Girl from Balmain

Try A Quiz

Aussie Slang Qiz

Aussie Rhyming Slang Quiz

Aussie Food Qiz

ARIA Music Awards Quiz

TV Logie Awards Qiz

Aussie Vegemite Quiz

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