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Australian Facts & Information

In this section you’ll find information about Australia we hope you’ll find interesting. For example, Great Britain has 3 times the population, yet Australia is over 30 times larger. To say we have lots of wide open spaces would be an understatement. On the other hand, we’re not known for our tall mountains. Mt. Kosciusko, tallest mountain in Australia, is ranked 71st highest in the world.

Australian Sports

Summer Olympic Games  new
Australians have won at every Summer Olympics since they began in 1896. We have 20 pages of info on all the Australian medal winners from 1896 to the present.

Winter Olympic Games  new
Australian medals won during Winter Games

Commonwealth Games

Australians have an impressive record of achievements at the Commonwealth Games. We have over 60 pages of info on all the CW Games with lists of all the Australian medal winners.

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Australian Weather

Current Weather for over 60 Australian Cities

Australia & the World

Compare Size

Compare Coastlines

Compare Populations

Which Side of the Road Do You Drive On?

Australian Facts & Figures

Symbols of Australia

Flags of Australia

Population of Australia

Religions in Australia

Languages in Australia

Rainfall & Temperature

Aboriginal People

Australian Land

Size of Australia

Deserts of Australia

Highest and Biggest

Maps of Australian States and Territories

Driving Distance Between Cities and Speed Conversions

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