Number One Singles in the 2000s

The highest selling singles in Australian as ranked on the Australian Singles Chart during the 2000s are listed below. In recent years this includes digital as well as the traditional CD sales. See also 2000 Singles     1990s Singles     1980s Singles     1970s Singles     1960s Singles     1950s Singles     1940s Singles 2010  California Gurls Katy Perry featuring … Read moreNumber One Singles in the 2000s

Brisbane Ladies

traditional Australian song composer unknown Bush songs were almost never written down when created. So changes to the songs were bound to happen over the years. To show you an example of this, we’ve combined two versions of Brisbane Ladies.Click on the link below to see it. This is Brisbane Ladiesversion 1. See  version 2 and example of changes Farewell … Read moreBrisbane Ladies

Deck the Sheds with Bits of Wattle

traditional music lyrics Greg “Champs” Champion and Colin “Bucko” Buchanan See Deck the Sheds with Bits of Wattle on … Christmas in Australia is hot, hot, hot. While it may be snowing in other parts of the world, it’s summertime here! So with a bit of humour and a snag on the barbie, we’ll sing the Aussie … Read moreDeck the Sheds with Bits of Wattle