Australian Style Hamburger Recipe

Aussies love their hamburgers whether it’s from take away shop or from Burger King (Hungry Jacks) or Mackers. But to many dinky-di Aussies, it must have beetroot on it to be a proper burger. See also on our website Aussie Food Charts for Cooking Martin wrote us that he’s a dinky-di Aussie and he hates beetroot. Yes, it’s true. Some Aussies just … Read moreAustralian Style Hamburger Recipe

Aeroplane Jelly

Aeroplane Jelly is an Australian favourite eaten by children and adults alike. It has become a national icon and part of Australian culture due to Bert Appleroth’s hugely successful and long running advertising campaign featuring the popular Aeroplane Jelly song. Aeroplane Jelly was created by tram conductor Bert Appleroth (Adolphus Herbert Frederick Norman Appleroth, 1886-1952). … Read moreAeroplane Jelly


Vegemite Vegemite is uniquely Australian and a fair dinkum Aussie icon with 90 percent of Aussies having a jar in their pantry. Vegemite is a nutritious product, one of the richest sources known of Vitamin B. One of the most popular ways to eat Vegemite is to toast some bread, butter it and then spread … Read moreVegemite