Dot and the Kangaroo

by Ethel C. Pedley (1860 – 1898)

Australian writer

DOT AND THE KANGAROO IS a much loved Australian children’s book, yet appeals to the child in all of us. It’s the story of Dot’s adventures in the Australian bush as she tries to find her way home with the help of a kindly Kangaroo. Along the way the pair gets help from many bush creatures, each with its own distinctive personality. Some of the things you’ll learn is why the kookaburra is always laughing and what makes the platypus so grumpy.

Besides being enjoyable, Dot and the Kangaroo is an important story because Pedley was one of the first Australian writers to make a case for conservation. She shows us, from the animal’s point of view, how harmful humans can be and why it’s wrong.

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