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St Patrick's Day Cards

St. Patrick's Day Cards

Erin Go Bragh Cards

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None The 3 leaves of the Shamrock
Hope, Happiness, Love
Cheers all Irish Hearts on
Saint Patrick's Day
Top of the mornin' and
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Wishing that good fortune
May come your way.
'Tis no blarney
I say in greeting true
Lovely Irish Colleen
My Irish heart belongs to you.
No fairer maiden can be seen
Than one wearin' Erin green
To your wit and beauty on
Saint Patrick's Day
Good Luck comes to all good
Who wear upon
Saint Patrick's Day
A spray of Shamrock Green
'Tis but a token of friendship
From Green Erin's Isle
Wishing Luck upon you smile
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Let Erin's Harp awake
And sound the glad tidings
To wish you Luck on this
Saint Patrick's Day
The Scots love the thistle
And the English love the rose
But the Irish love the spot
Where the Shamrock grows
Erin's flag long may it wave.
Beloved Erin 'tis shrined in
All true Irish hearts
Erin Go Bragh

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