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Real Estate and Financial Terms

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Buying, selling or renting property in Australia and having trouble understanding what they're saying? To help you figure it out, we've created brief explanations of the words used. For more complete information, see your local real estate agent, financial advisor or solicitor.


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inclusions Items included with the property such as light fittings, a refrigerator, or a pool table.
interest The fee charged by the lending body for borrowing money.
interest only loan A loan where only the interest is repaid throughout the term of the loan. The original principal is repaid at the end of the term.
interest rate The rate of interest in effect for the monthly payment due.
introductory loan A loan offered at a reduced rate for an introductory period to new borrowers.
inventory A list of items included with the property such as furniture and movable items.
investment property A property that is not occupied by the owner but purchased for the sole purpose of earning a return on the investment, either in the form of rent or capital gain.


joint tenancy A form of co-ownership that gives each tenant equal shares and rights in the property. If one party dies, their share passes to the surviving owners.


key tenant A major or primary tenant in an office building or shopping centre.
kickback Payment made to someone for referral of a customer or business. In general, kickbacks are illegal because they are made without the customer's knowledge.

Note: We assume no liability resulting from any errors or omissions. Translation . . . we've done our best to bring you accurate information. However, you should seek your own independent advice as to the accuracy of the information supplied.

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