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Checklist to Move

If you're planning on moving, you'll want to read this helpful list of things you'll need to do, things to know and general tips.

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If you have children

  • Get information about childcare facilities and schools in the new area and make arrangements as needed.
  • Have your children's school records transferred to their new school.
  • Make arrangements to have your children taken care of on moving day so you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Have a "pack me last-open first" box with your child's special things that will help make them comfortable in their new home the first night. Have the child help you fill the box or decide what will go in the box before moving day. This will ease their worry because they will know exactly which box has their special things. Items might include a special blanket and pillow, favourite stuffed animal or toy, special night light, and bedtime book to read. If they have a favourite cup or bowl they use, pack it in this box. It will save you from a frenzied search for it later. The more familiar things a child has around them, the more relaxed they'll be about their new home.

If you have pets

  • Locate a veterinarian in your new area.
  • Plan how and when you will be moving your pets to your new residence.
  • Make arrangements to have your pets taken care of on moving day to avoid stress on them and you.
  • Update your pet's microchip identification with your new address

If you have a computer

  • Back up the files on your hard drives onto another media such as CDs or tape before dissembling and packing your system.
  • Mark each lead with a tag so you know where it goes before you dissemble your system. This will make it easier to reassemble at your new residence.
  • Pack separately media that contains backed up files you can't replace such as tax and accounting records, business records, and address book. Plan to take this with you rather than send it with your household belongings.
  • Notify your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when to shut off your service to your old address and start it at your new address.
  • If you're flying to your new residence and need your computer working right away, contact the airlines to investigate prices and shipping requirements to take it on the flight. Or you might want to ship it with a company like Federal Express before you leave if there will be someone at the other end to receive it.
  • See Moving Overseas for compatibility issues.

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