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Dates & Time

Daylight Savings Dates, School Term Dates, Australian Public Holidays are all listed in this section for your convenience.

You'll also find a bit of information about how and why we celebrate certain holidays here.

Australian School Dates

Australian School Term Dates
2018     2019    2020   updated

Australian Public
Holiday Calendars

ACT Australian Capital Territory

NSW New South Wales

NT Northern Territory

QLD Queensland

SA South Australia

TAS Tasmania

VIC Victoria

WA Western Australia


Daylight Savings

Australian Time Zones

Australian Daylight Saving Dates

History of Australian Daylight Savings

Australian Daylight Saving Since 1917

Daylight Savings Around the World

GMT Help for Americans

Australian Holidays

Australia Day


Queen's Birthday

Boxing Day

Labour Day

New Year's Day, Good Friday,
Easter Monday, Christmas Day

Australian Observances

Special Observances in Australia  updated
Valentine's Day, St Patricks Day,
Mother's Day, Father's Day,
Commonwealth Day, Remembrance Day, Citizenship Day, Australian National Flag Day


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