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Common Listing Terms Used on eBay

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eBay can seem overwhelming with all the unfamiliar terms, abbreviations and acronyms. It's helpful to have what I call, my cheat sheet. I'm sharing it here so you too can understand what the seller said about that item you're dying to buy. (I've been shopping on eBay for over 10 years.)

I even have my own store, Blue Dally Lane. I hope you will drop in and grab a bargain!



RET Retired
FE First Edition
LTD or LE Limited Edition
TE Trade Edition
Auto Autographed
COA Certificate Of Authenticity


NC No Cover
FC Front Cover
BC Back Cover
TOFC Top Of Front Cover
TOBC Top Of Back Cover
BFC Bottom of Front Cover
BCC Bottom of Back Cover
LFC Lower Front Cover
LBC Lower Back Cover
IFC Inside Front Cover
IBC Inside Back Cover

Companies Series

C Circa
HP Harry Potter
BB Beanie Baby
TBB Teenie Beanie Babies
FPLP Fisher Price Little People
HM (McDonalds) Happy Meal
MM (Hallmark) Merry Miniatures
MOTU Masters Of The Universe
POTF (Star Wars) Power Of The Force
ROTJ (Star Wars) Return Of The Jedi
SWCS Star Wars Collector Series
STNG Star Trek the Next Generation


ASAP As Soon As Possible
MP Matched Pair
OPT Optional
LFT Left
RT Right
MID Middle
QTY Quantity
PIC Picture
BW Black and White
BTS Back To School
TM Trademark


SZ Size
XS Extra Small
S or SM Small
M or MED Medium
L or LG Large
XL Extra Large
XXL Extra Extra Large


G (rating) General
PG (rating) Parental Guidance
M (rating) Mature 15 years+
MA (rating) Mature Adult 15 years+
R (rating) Restricted 18 years+
LB Letterbox (widescreen) format
WS WideScreen  video
OOP Out Of Production
ST Sound Track
EP Extended Play (video tapes)


MH Mint Hinged
MNH Mint Not Hinged or Mint Never Hinged
FDC First Day Cover
FFC First Flight Cover
CC Commemorative Cover
CDF Customs Declaration Form 
MP Military Post
REG Registered
AIR Airmail
HS Hand Stamp
PMK Postmark
CDS Circular Date Stamp
CTO Cancelled to Order
PSE Pre-Stamped Envelope
POP Post Office Pack
PP Presentation Pack
SS Single Sheet
WMK Watermark
OPT Overprinted 
MS Miscut
We're SafeSurf Rated

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