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Common Listing Terms Used on eBay

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eBay can seem overwhelming with all the unfamiliar terms, abbreviations and acronyms. It's helpful to have what I call, my cheat sheet. I'm sharing it here so you too can understand what the seller said about that item you're dying to buy. (I've been shopping on eBay for over 10 years.)

I even have my own store, Blue Dally Lane. I hope you will drop in and grab a bargain!


Made In . . .

MIJ Made In Japan
MIOJ Made In Occupied Japan


HP Hand Painted
GF Gold Filled
ST Sterling
SS Stainless Steel
MOP Mother Of Pearl


M Mint (original retail condition)
NM Near Mint
CM Complete Mint
MIB Mint In Box
MIMB Mint In Mint Box
MISB Mint In Sealed Box
MNB Mint No Box
MIP Mint In Package
MIMP  Mint In Mint Package
MIOP Mint In Open Package
MIBP Mint In Blister Pack
MIBP Mint In Bubble Pack
MOC Mint On Card
MONMC Mint On Near Mint Card


AF As Found or All Faults
SC Slight Crease
SCR Scratch
POC Pencil On Cover
HIC Hole In Cover
HIL Hole In Label
TOL Tear On Label
DOA Dead On Arrival

Glass Pottery

DG Depression Glass
EAPG Early American Pattern Glass
EG Elegant Glass (depression era)
C/S Cream & Sugar or Cup & Saucer
SP Salt and Pepper


OC On Canvas
WC Watercolour


P Postcard
CPP Coloured Picture Postcard
DB Divided Back


LP Long Playing
EP Extended Play
M or MONO Mono (monophonic)
DJ Disc Jockey Copy
RI Reissue
OOP Out of Production
DJ Dust Jacket
JKT Jacket
PD Picture Disc
ST  Sound Track
WOR (condition) Writing On Record
WOC (condition) Writing On Cover
WOF (condition) Writing On Front
WOB (condition) Writing On Back
LWOL (condition) Lots of Writing On Label
LSW (condition) Label Shows Wear
SOL (condition) Sticker On Label
TMOL (condition) Tape Mark On Label
WRP (condition) Warp
SCU (condition) Scuff
NAF Not Affecting Play
We're SafeSurf Rated

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