Australian Country Music Entertainer – Slim Dusty

November 1976 marked 30 years of recording by Slim Dusty. To commemorate his achievement EMI released the record “Slim Dusty – This Is Your Life” as a tribute to him.

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Vintage Album Vol. 1


  • When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  • My Faded Dream
  • How Can I Smile When I’m Lonely
  • Been a Fool Too Long
  • You Don’t Know How Sad I Feel
  • Modern Yodelling Song
  • My Moonlight Trail to You
  • My Aussie Home
  • Give Me One More Chance
  • Sat’day in the Saddle
  • My Pony Whipstick
  • My Happy Valley Home

Vintage Album Vol. 2


  • Stay Away from Me
  • A Song for Granny
  • Springtime on the Range
  • Why Worry Now
  • Answer to the Silvery Moonlight Trail
  • I Bet You Feel the Same
  • Sun Valley Rose
  • Good Old Santa Claus
  • Whisky Blues
  • You Made Me Live Love and Die
  • The Grandest Homestead of All
  • Dolly Dimple Dance

Vintage Album Vol. 3


  • When the Sun Goes Down Outback
  • When the Harvest Days Are Over Jessie Dear
  • Rusty It’s Goodbye
  • Losin’ My Blues Tonight
  • Rose of Remembrance
  • The Rain Still Tumbles Down
  • When I First Saw the Lovelight in Your Eyes
  • I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke
  • Baby of My Dreams
  • Goldy Girl
  • The Sunlander
  • The Showman Song

Vintage Album Vol. 4


  • The Bushland Boogie
  • Any Old Time
  • Lovers Lament
  • Frankie and Johnny
  • If I Only had a Home Sweet Home
  • The Broken Home
  • Take My Worries Away
  • The Swagman’s Story
  • Mother
  • Our Wedding Waltz
  • A Little Girl Dressed in Blue
  • Old Love Letters
Slim Dusty - Rarities
Slim Dusty - By Special Request
Slim Dusty - Vintage Album Vol. 1
Slim Dusty - Vintage Album Vol. 3
Slim Dusty - Vintage Album Vol. 4
The Slim Dusty Family Album
Slim Dusty: This Is Your Life



  • Song for the Aussies
  • My Final Song
  • Your Best Pal Is Mother
  • My Sweetest Lullaby
  • Born To Be a Yodeller
  • Heading for that Brumby Trail
  • The Soldier’s Wife
  • Baby of My Dreams
  • Lover’s Lament
  • Happy Drover

By Special Request

A.8215 from Music For Pleasure label

  • Leaning Post
  • Arajoel Waltz
  • Sweet Talking
  • Don’t Laugh in the Face of Father Time
  • When the Moon Across the Bushland Beams
  • I Don’t Want No Woman Around
  • Wagon Trains North
  • Wedding Bell Blues
  • A Friend Indeed
  • The Happiest Days of All
  • Slow Down
  • The Boys Who Never Returned

The Slim Dusty Family Album


  • What I Am
  • Old Time Christmas
  • Trouble
  • Local Mary Magdalene
  • Memories
  • Country Revival
  • Country Music’s in Our Bones
  • My Old China Plate
  • Old Sunlander Van
  • Feeling Sorry for Me
  • Rodeo Clown
  • Wind-Up Gramophone
  • Nobody Heard

Slim Dusty: This Is Your Life


  • When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  • A Pub with No Beer
  • Middleton’s Rouseabout
  • Medley:
    Along the Road to Gundagai
    I’m Going Back Again to
    The Man from the Never Never
    That Old Bush Shanty of Mine
  • Oldtime Drover’s Lament
  • Harry Bowden … Derelict
  • The Man from Snowy River
  • Angel of Goulburn Hill
  • Worst in the World
  • The Biggest Disappointment
  • Highway One
  • Lights on the Hill
  • Commercial D.T.’s
  • Sundown
  • I’ve Been There (and Back Again)

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