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Archibald Prize Winners

Regarded as the most important portraiture prize in Australia, The Archibald Prize has been awarded every year since 1921. It is named after J. F. Archibald, former editor of The Bulletin. Archibald died in 1919 and bequest money for the award. It is administered by the trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The first Archibald Prize was awarded in 1921 for 400. In 1956 it was $1,364. By 2011 the prize had grown to $75,000. Note: the portrait on the right is the 1924 Archibald Prize Winner.

Archibald Prize Winners >>    Present to 1991     1990 to 1951     1950 to 1921 in Australia
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Year Artist Painting Title
1950 William Dargie Sir Leslie McConnan
1949 Arthur J Murch Bonar Dunlop
1948 William Dobell Margaret Olley
1947 William Dargie Sir Marcus Clarke, Kt., K.B.E. [sic]
1946 William Dargie L. C. Robson, M.C., M.A..
1945 William Dargie Lt-General The Hon Edmund Herring, KBC, DSO, MC, ED
1944 Joshua Smith Speaker, House of Representatives, Hon. JS Rosevear, MP
1943 William Dobell Mr. Joshua Smith
1942 William Dargie Corporal Jim Gordon, VC
1941 William Dargie Sir James Elder, KBE
1940 Max Meldrum Dr J. Forbes McKenzie
1939 Max Meldrum Hon G. J. Bell, C.M.G., D.S.O., V.D.,
Speaker, House of Representatives)
1938 Nora Heysen Mme Elink Schuurman
1937 Normand Henry Baker Self Portrait
1936 William Beckwith McInnes Dr Julian Smith
1935 John Longstaff A. B. ('Banjo') Paterson
1934 Henry Aloysius Hanke Self Portrait
1933 Charles Wheeler Ambrose Pratt
1932 Ernest Buckmaster Sir William Irvine
1931 John Longstaff Sir John Sulman
1930 William Beckwith McInnes Drum-Major Harry McClelland
1929 John Longstaff The Hon. W. A. Holman, KC
1928 John Longstaff Dr Alexander Leeper
1927 George Washington Lambert Mrs Murdoch
1926 William Beckwith McInnes Silk and Lace (Miss Esther Paterson)
1925 John Longstaff Maurice Moscovitch
1924 William Beckwith McInnes Miss Collins
1923 William Beckwith McInnes Portrait of a Lady
1922 William Beckwith McInnes Professor Harrison Moore
1921 William Beckwith McInnes Desbrowe Annear
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