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Archibald Prize – People's Choice Award

Regarded as the most important portraiture prize in Australia, The first Archibald Prize was awarded in 1921 for £400. In 1956 it was $1,364. By 2011 the prize had grown to $75,000. Note: the portrait on the right is the 1924 Archibald Prize Winner.

Over time two additional categories have been added to the Archibald Prize.
People's Choice Award comes with a monetary prize of $3,500. The winner is decided by votes from the viewing public. The Packing Room Prize began in 1991 and awards $1,500 to the winner. Gallery staff who who receive and install the portraits vote for their choice of winner.

The Packing Room Prize has been known as the "kiss of death" because none had won a matching Archibald Prize in the same year. There have been two winners (1988 and 2004) that won both the People's Choice Awards and the Archibald Prize in the same year.

Archibald Prize Winners >>    Present to 1991     1990 to 1951    1950 to 1921 in Australia
People's Choice Award      Packing Room Prize

Year Artist Painting Title
2016 Nick Stathopoulos Deng, (portrait of Deng Adut)
2015 Bruno Jean Grasswill Michael Caton
2014 Vincent Fantauzzo All that's good in me (self-portrait as son Luca)
2013 Vincent Fantauzzo Love face (portrait of Asher Keddie)
2012 Jenny Sages After Jack (self portrait)
2011 Adam Chang John Coetzee
2010 Craig Ruddy The Prince of Darkness – Warwick Thornton
2009 Vincent Fantauzzo Brandon Walters
2008 Vincent Fantauzzo portrait of actor Heath Ledger
2007 Evert Ploeg portrait of conductor George Ellis
2006 Paul Jackson All the world's a stage, portrait of actor and comedian Garry McDonald
2005 Nicholas Harding Bob's Daily Swim
2004 Craig Ruddy Two Worlds, portrait of actor David Gulpilil
2003 Dalu Zhao Lao Fei, portrait of diplomat Stephen FitzGerald
2002 Jan Williamson portrait of singer/songwriter Jenny Morris
2001 Paul Newton portrait of John Doyle and Greig Pickhaver (Roy Slaven and HG Nelson)
2000 Esther Erlich Never been better, portrait of painter Bill Leak
1999 Evert Ploeg portrait of actor Deborah Mailman
1998 Robert Hannaford portrait of academic Rolf Prince
1997 Mathew Lynn portrait of television producer Jeanne Ryckmans
1996 Robert Hannaford self-portrait
1995 Josonia Palaitis portrait of painter Bill Leak
1994/93 Bill Leak portrait of lawyer Malcolm Turnbull
1992/93 Jennifer Little portrait of artist Victor Sellu
1991/92 Robert Hannaford portrait of historian Hugh Stretton
1990 Reg Campbell self-portrait
1989 Vladas Meškėnas portrait of painter Donald Friend
1988 Fred Cress portrait of painter John Beard
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