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Tall Poppy

In 1931 J.T. Lang, Premier of New South Wales gave the term tall poppy to all those on government salaries above 10 per week (a princely sum in those days).

Today the tall poppy is usually someone who is very successful in their field.

Unfortunately, Australia has developed what we call the Tall Poppy Syndrome (TPS). This is the action of eagerly pulling down the more successful people in our society should they show the slightest imperfection.

Is this done to everyone who is successful? Actually no. It tends to be aimed at those people the public perceives as being arrogant or not deserving the amount of their success they've achieved. The public's perception of the tall poppy is often influenced negatively by the media.

Another TPS type is the person who becomes famous overseas, but doesn't look or act the way Aussies want to be represented. A good example is environmentalist Steve Irwin. Yes, Steve is much loved in Australia now, but he was harshly criticised here by many for using the word "Crikey" and for the way he dressed overseas. Yes, you're right. It does sound petty and childish. Being jealous of someone's success is never pretty.

In this section of our website we hope to celebrate the tall poppies. Featured are Australians and  Australian organizations who contribute in some way to bettering life in Australia. You will be introduced to people you may never have heard about, but who impact the lives of people in your community.

We have far more successful people in Australia than we can possibly list here. So while your favourite person may not be written about, we hope you enjoy learning about those we do.

Australian Military

Teddy Sheean
Last Minutes of A Forgotten Hero

Most Aussies have never heard of this inspiring 18 year old hero but they should. Learn why.
See it on YouTube  War footage and story of his bravery

Victoria Cross Recipients

Australia honours it's armed forces in many ways, but the Victoria Cross remains the most coveted.

Australian Inventors

Walter Hume, Australian Inventor

His talent lay in his ability to see simple solutions to complex problems.

Alfred Traeger
Giving the Outback a Voice

Imagine not being able to talk to anyone but your immediate family for as long as a year.

Australia Quiz

Tall Poppy quiz


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Australian Recognition

Australian National Living

Since 1997, the designation is given to people who accomplish an outstanding achievement

Includes past and present designees.

Australian of the Year

Since 1960, this Award recognises the people who inspire us through their achievements.

Includes all recipients.

Australian Athletes

Dawn Fraser, The Girl from Balmain

Doing things her own way may have gotten her into trouble at times,  but Aussies are proud to call her one of their own.

AFL Brownlow Medal
All the winners since 1924.

AFL Hall of Fame updated
Players and Legends

Australian Rugby League
Hall of Fame

Australian Entertainers

Slim Dusty, Aussie Country Music Giant

Slim Dusty was our most prolific and biggest selling recording artist. Over 20 pages of info including awards, songs, and 70+ record album pictures.

Australian Scientists

Fred Hollows ... Helping Others to See

More than 1 million people can see today because of this man.

Victor Chang, Hero with a Purpose

The world owes a lot to this man for his pioneering life saving efforts.

Australian Nobel Prize Winners

Learn which Australians have been honoured with one of the most prestigious prizes in the world.

Australian Wildlife

Steve Irwin ... Crikey! He's an Aussie Icon

TV personality, devoted father, great ambassador for our country, Steve Irwin was one of the world's most famous environmentalist.

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Tall Poppy
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