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26 January - Australia Day - Beaumont Children goes missing.

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26 January - Australia Day - Beaumont Children goes missing.

Unread postby Max ADU » Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:00 pm

Today in Australian History.
26th January

** video below - new evidence shows who might have been the killer

1966 - As Australians celebrate "Australia Day", 3 children go missing.
Jane Nartare Beaumont
(aged 9; born 10 September 1956), Arnna Kathleen Beaumont (aged 7; born 11 November 1958), and Grant Ellis Beaumont (aged 4; born 12 July 1961) were three siblings collectively known as The Beaumont Children who disappeared from Glenelg Beach near Adelaide, South Australia on Australia Day (26 January) 1966.

The children lived with their parents Jim and Nancy Beaumont in Harding Street, Somerton Park, a suburb of Adelaide. Not far from their home was Glenelg, a popular beach-side resort, that the children often visited.

Australia Day turns tragic
The morning of Australia Day (26th January) 1966 was already hot in Adelaide, with the temperature due to peak at almost 40°C, were the children took a five-minute bus journey from their home to the beach.

Jane, the eldest child, was considered responsible enough to care for the two younger children, and their parents were not concerned.

They left home at 10am and were expected to return home by noon. Their mother became worried when they had still not returned by 3pm

The Search begins

Their case resultedin one of the largest police investigations in Australian criminal history and remains Australia's most infamous cold case

Police investigating the case found several witnesses who had seen the children near the beach, in the company of a tall, blond man, of thin to athletic build and in his mid-30s.

The children were playing with him, and appeared relaxed and to be enjoying themselves.

The man and the children were seen walking away from the beach some time later, which the police estimated to be around 12:15 pm.

Last sighting by a local shopkeeper
A shopkeeper reported Jane Beaumont had bought pastries and a meat pie with a £1 note around the same time.

  • Police viewed this as further evidence that they had been with another person, for two reasons:
    The shopkeeper knew the children well from previous visits and reported that they had never purchased a meat pie before.

  • Mrs. Beaumont had given the children only enough coins for their bus fare and food and had not given them a £1 note. Police believed it had been given to them by somebody else.

False alarms
Sightings of the children were reported for about a year after their disappearance. The case attracted widespread attention in Australia and is widely credited with causing a change in many people's lifestyles.

Australian attitude changes
Parents began to believe that their children could no longer be presumed to be safe; earlier generations had routinely allowed their children the same freedoms the Beaumont children had enjoyed.

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