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17 December - Kerry Packer, took on the Government and won

Who is having a birthday in December?
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17 December - Kerry Packer, took on the Government and won

Unread postby Max ADU » Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:24 pm

Australian Birthday Today - Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer, AC born17 December 1937, Sydney New South Wakes – died 26 December 2005, Sydney New South Wakes, was an Australian media tycoon.

This video is long but worth while watching to get to know the man.
Watch on youtube.com

    Kerry was the son of Sir Frank Packer who made is wealth in Publishing and Broadcasting industries

    Kerry did not have a happy childhood. His primary schooling suffered greatly when he was stricken with a severe bout of poliomyelitis at age eight, and he was confined to an iron lung for nine months

    Frank Paker thought little of his son's abilities, once cruelly describing him as "the family idiot".

    Sir Frank Packer wanted Kerry Packer to learn the business. Kerry started in the loading dock of the Sydney newspaper The Telegraph, loading papers.


    With Kerry at the helm the biggest deal he ever made was selling Allan Bond the Nine Network at the record price of A$1.05 billion in 1987, and then bought it back three years later for a mere A$250 million.

    Packer was known for his heavy smoking, abrasive personality, his wealth, his lavish gambling habit and to sometimes take a direct interest in the editorial content of his papers

    Packer also occasionally interfered directly in the programming of his TV stations; in 1992 he famously called his Sydney station, TCN-9 and ordered its personnel to "Get that shit off the air," referring to Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos hosted by Doug Mulray, which was cut during its first and only airing on national television.

    Kerry Packer had many clashes with the Australian Taxation Office and the Costigan Royal Commission.

    During the inquiry he repeatedly berated the politicians conducting it, and the government. When asked about his company's tax minimisation schemes, he replied:
    "Of course I am minimising my tax. And if anybody in this country doesn't minimise their tax, they want their heads read, because as a government, I can tell you you're not spending it that well that we should be donating extra!"

    Packer was often the centre of controversy, best known for founding World Series Cricket.

    In 1977 the Nine Network cricket rights deal led to a confrontation with the cricket authorities, as top players from several countries rushed to join him at the expense of their international sides.

    It is not known that in the later years Kerry was in poor health and had suffered 8 heart attacks.

    In one instance he suffered a heart attack and left him clinically dead for six minutes and revived by paramedics where Dr Victor Chang preformed bypass surgery.

    By pure by chance the ambulance which responded to the call had a defibrillator.

    After recovering Packer ensured that ALL ambulance had a portable defibrillator (now colloquially known as "Packer Whackers")

    He also suffered from a chronic kidney condition for many years, and in 2000 he made headlines when his long-serving helicopter pilot, Nick Ross, donated one of his own kidneys.

    Kerry Packer died of kidney failure on 26 December 2005

    At the time of his death, Packer was the richest and one of the most influential men in Australia. In 2004,Business Review Weekly magazine estimated Packer's net worth at A$6.5 billion.
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