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7 reasons why the Kimberley Coast is a great holiday destination

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7 reasons why the Kimberley Coast is a great holiday destination

Unread postby Travellin Tom » Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:11 am

Looking for a memorable holiday? Here are seven reasons why the Kimberley Coast is a fantastic holiday destination for singles, couples, families and seniors.

1. Get away from it all
With 13,000 kilometres of coastline
made up of dramatically formed red cliffs, the Kimberley Coast typifies rugged Australian terrain.

But it also offers long stretches of white sandy coast, mangroves and green mountain ranges.

Characterised by a broad continental shelf, the area is dotted with reefs and small islands, many of them fringed by coral.

Nowhere else in the world does land and sea have the unique interaction you’ll see on the Kimberley Coast. There’s not a hint of civilisation and you can really get a sense of ‘being away from it all.’

2. Enjoy nature’s playground
Whales and dolphins are
regularly spotted along the Kimberley Coast. The area is home to a rich and varied marine life including coral, crustaceans, fish, manta rays, large turtles, sharks and salt-water crocodiles.

On land you could see a rare Komodo dragon, or some of Australia’s native mammals like the Bilby, Quoll and Bandicoot.

Many birds are attracted to the region and it is a well-known stop over point for some types of migratory birds.
3. Melt your cares away by the sunset
The Kimberley Coast
sits along the north-western tip of Australia and as such, it’s the country’s perfect vantage point for watching a memorable sunset.

On a daily basis the sky at dusk is nothing short of spectacular. But between March and October a beautiful natural phenomenon occurs. This ‘staircase to the moon’ is visible for three nights every month.

4. Travel back in time
The soaring sandstone
gorges along the coastline are estimated to be around 350 million years old. They are home to fossils as well as rock drawings by the Aboriginals (Australia’s indigenous people).

Some drawings are believed to be 60,000 years old. In these Aboriginal art works you can get a sense of this fascinating culture of ancient legend, spirits and ceremonies.

The Kimberley Region was also one of Australia’s first areas of European settlement and there is also much to be learned about the coast’s involvement in the spice trade and World War II.

Watch on youtube.com

5. Explore a unique natural region
Much of the Kimberley Region is totally inaccessible, which is why cruising with National Geographic Orion is such a great option. The vessel is small enough to access the inlets and reefs, giving you the chance to get up close to the landscape and marine life.

National Geographic Orion tours are led by an expedition team of experts from various fields: marine biology, history, geology or wildlife. All of your senses will be stimulated.

6. Re-energise
If the main point of a holiday is
to experience something new and take time out from the daily grind, then cruising with the National Geographic Orion offers exactly that.

This is a 5-star facility, with an assortment of first-class on-deck services that include: food and wine, massage, beauty treatments, saunas, relaxation areas and observation decks.

Passengers can opt into additional exploration adventures during their cruise.

7. Feel good
The National Geographic Orion is newly built, with design features and technology complying with the highest benchmarks in sustainable marine exploration.

The company prides itself on having and sharing a commitment to the environment.

The Kimberley Region welcomes considerate tourists. There is still much to be learned about this vast remote area and its regular stream of visitors helps fund research to protect and maintain its natural beauty.
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