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26 January - Elisabeth Kirkby OAM, Do you remember her?

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by Max ADU
Australian Birthday Today
26th January

Video below - Watch how she grew up in World War II to her graduation at 90

The Hon. Elisabeth Wilma Kirkby OAM was born 26 January 1921 in Bolton,Greater Manchester, England.

Kirby was an British Australian theatre and television actress in the performing arts.
Kirkby wrote and produced documentaries and education programs for both the BBC and the ABC networks.

Number 96
The role of Lucy Sutcliffe
in soap opera Number 96, made Kirkby a household name
Kirkby was an original cast member of Number 96 which premiered March 1972.

In the beginning , the producers offered the original cast contracts lasting just six weeks.

In November 1975 Lucy (Kirby)were written out of Number 96 as part of a drastic remodelling of the show in the wake of declining ratings. The last airing of Number 96 ended in 1977

After making guest appearance on Glenview High (1977), and Homicide, Kirby returned to the theatre.

As of 2014 she is the oldest surviving regular cast member from the series.

Poltics was her next adventure
Kirkby later became a politician and was elected to the New South Wales legislative council in 1981, becoming the Australian Democrats' New South Wales state leader.

Kirby held this position before retiring in June 1997 making her the longest serving Australian Democrat Member of Parliament.

In 2012 she was awarded
the national Medal of the Order of Australia, for her contributions with the Australian Democrats.

Life after politics
At the age of 85, she decided that learning never ends and decided to enrol at university.

At the age of 90 Kirby graduated with honours, threw herself into a PhD and is now on track to become Sydney University's oldest graduate.

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Re: 26 January - Elisabeth Kirkby OAM, Do you remember her?

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