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17 January - Australia's Meat Shortage..

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17 January - Australia's Meat Shortage..

Unread postby Max ADU » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:48 am

Today in Australian History
Monday, January 17, 1944

Meat rationing is introduced throughout Australia, a result of World War II.

  • On 3 September 1939, Australian Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies announced that Australia was at war with Germany. It was several years before rationing of essential supplies was introduced.

    At first, ration books were issued, each contained pages of coupons designed to last for a year. The first commodity rationed was petrol.

    Petrol rationing was first enforced in Australia in October, 1940, a little more than twelve months after the commencement of the 1939-45 War. Allowances to civilian users were made, the basic ration being finally reduced to the equivalent of only 800 miles of running per annum.


  • Tea rationing by coupon introduced (1/2 pound per 5 weeks) (Tea Rationing based on consumer registratipn with supplier, however, operated from 1st April, 1942.) 6th July, 1942
  • Sugar rationing introduced 1 lb. per week) 31st August, 1942
  • Tea Ration increased to 1/2 lb. per 4 weeks 19th October, 1942
  • Butter rationing introduced (1/2 lb. per week) 7th June, 1943
  • Meat rationing introduced (average of 2 1/4 lb. per week) 17th January, 1944
  • Butter ration reduced to 6 oz. per week 5th June, 1944
  • Meat ration reduction of approximately 8 3/4 per cent 26th February, 1945
  • Meat ration further reduced by 12 1/2 per cent. 7th May, 1945
  • Egg Priority Scheme for Vulnerable Groups operated 26th February, 1945 to 31st July, 1945


Rations did not cover all meats: fish, rabbits, chicken, ham and bacon, and offal products were excluded.

Rationing of meat finally ended two years after the war, in 1947.[/list]
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