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15 November - "The Sullivans" Do you remember the day?

Australian Events for the month of November
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15 November - "The Sullivans" Do you remember the day?

Unread postby Max ADU » Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:25 pm

Today in Australian History
Monday, November 15, 1976.

The first episode of the Australian drama series "The Sullivans" is broadcast.
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    "The Sullivans" was an Australian drama show set during World War II. The initial setting of the series was 1939, at the Australian declaration of war against Germany.

    The first episode of The Sullivans aired on 15 November 1976 on the Nine Network and ran from 1 until 1983.

    Reason for sucess
    The main characters were the average middle-class family, the Sullivans, who lived in the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell.

    The storyline focussed on the war and its effect on typical Australians, particularly the Sullivan family. It included battle scenes overseas, all of which were filmed in or around Melbourne.

    It was regarded as a high quality production, known for its authenticity with its attention to historical and cultural accuracy.

    The show was purchased by Channel Nine without a pilot programme being produced. They commissioned 34 hours with a view to extension. Fourteen writers were assigned to the thirteen plot lines which had been devised.

    In 1976, the show was regarded as an ambitious project with the biggest budget ever for a commercial network series. It reputedly cost one million dollars to set up

The main characters were
  • Grace Sullivan (Lorraine Bayly), the daughter of a doctor, she was intelligent, rational and greatly respected by her family.
  • Dave Sullivan (Paul Cronin) was an upright, hard-working and somewhat old-fashioned patriarch. He was a foreman at a small engineering firm and a veteran of World War I
  • John (Andrew McFarlane) was Dave and Grace's eldest child. A medical student in 1939, he was vehemently opposed to the war, leading to many confrontations with his more traditionalist father.
  • Tom (Steven Tandy) was the second Sullivan child, an engineering student who, unlike his brother John, was keen to sign up and fight for his country.
  • Terry (Richard Morgan) was the third and youngest Sullivan son. A scampish schoolboy at the beginning of the series, as he matured he harboured dreams of joining the Air Force, but inner ear problems prevented this and he joined the army instead.
  • The youngest Sullivan child and the only girl was Kitty (Susan Hannaford). Shy, sensitive and conscientious, Kitty was upset by the war early in the series, and was prone to outbursts of emotion.
  • Uncle Harry (Michael Caton) was Dave's younger brother, a wise-cracking larrikin with a fondness for goods of dubious origin ('fallen from the back of a truck').

    The Sullivans attracted critical acclaim and was also one of Australia's most popular drama series, screening in half-hour episodes at 7.00 pm.

    The Sullivans employed scores of actors in short-term and supporting roles, so becoming something of a proving ground for young Australasian talent. Many of the young actors who worked on the series during its run would later enjoy successful careers, such as Mel Gibson, Kerry Armstrong, Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Sam Neill, Gary Sweet and Sigrid Thornton.

    Watch the movie and check out the supporting actors
Watch on youtube.com
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