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04 August - Chinese Riots & Gold discovered at Lambing Flat.

Australian Events for the month of August
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04 August - Chinese Riots & Gold discovered at Lambing Flat.

Unread postby Max ADU » Sun Aug 04, 2013 3:50 pm

Today in Australian History...
Saturday, August 4, 1860.

The 'Sydney Morning Herald'
reports that gold has been found at Lambing Flat, later the scene of Australia's largest anti-Chinese riots.

The region surrounding present-day town of Young in the central southwest of New South Wales.

It was first settled by pioneers seeking good grazing land for their stock. "Burrangong Station", owned by J.White. This was the first station beyond Sydney and the Bathurst area to be included on a colonial map. Burrangong Station included a large area for sheltering ewes during lambing: this became known as Lambing Flat.

This place looks familiar
Towards the end of June 1870, a stockman camped at Lambing Flat noted how the countryside resembled the gold-bearing geography of established goldfields. Washing a few shovelfuls of dirt in a billy, he was rewarded with numerous gold flecks.

The Lambing Flat goldfields were subsequently announced in the Sydney Morning Herald on 4 August 1860.

At the height of its popularity, the rich alluvial gold deposits attracted a population of around 20 000. While most of the diggers were from other parts of Australia, many migrants came from Europe and North America.

All in Lambing Flat is not alway golden
Around 1000
miners were Chinese, and they soon became the target of violence from the “white” diggers.

Due to unfounded suspicion and mistrust of the Chinese miners, within one year, Lambing Flat was to become infamous, not so much for the gold, but for being the scene of violent anti-Chinese riots

After 10 months of unrest, on the night of 30 June 1861, a mob of perhaps 3,000 drove the Chinese off the Lambing Flat, and then moved on to the Back Creek diggings, destroying tents and looting possessions.
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