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09 August - Eric Bana, comedian turns actor

Unread postPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:36 pm
by Max ADU
Australian Birthdays Today - 9th August
**see Eric Bana latest movie

Eric Bana ( 9 August
1968 Melbourne, Victoria) is an Australian film and television actor.

Eric Bana was born Eric Banadinović

Bana began doing impressions of family members at the age of six or seven, first mimicking his grandfather's walk, voice and mannerisms.

In school, he mimicked his teachers as a means to get out of trouble.

His impressions lead him into TV
Eric made his television debut on Steve Vizard's late night talk show, Tonight Live.

He began his career as a comedian in the sketch comedy of his impressions of Columbo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Tom Cruise in Full Frontal series.

Eric gaining critical recognition in the biopic Chopper (2000) based on the life of infamous Australian criminal Chopper Read.

Eric moves from TV to Movies
In 1997, he received a Logie Award for "Most Popular Comedy Personality" and Bana made his film debut in the Australian film The Castle.

Bana gained Hollywood's attention by playing the role of American Delta Force Sergeant Norm "Hoot" Hooten in Black Hawk Down (2001), Hulk (2003), Hector in the movie Troy (2004), the lead in Steven Spielberg's Munich (2005), and the villain Nero in the science-fiction film Star Trek(2009).

His latest film in 2013 is the blockbuster “Closed Circuit”

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Re: 09 August - Eric Bana, comedian turns actor

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by Akashjohni
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