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08 July - Paul Cronin - True Blue.

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by Max ADU
Australian Birthday Today
8 July

see Cronin in the first Transport Australia's public announcement broadcast concerning drink-driving in 1982.

Paul Cronin an Australian actor who has played iconic roles on the Australian TV

Paul born 8 July 1938 at Jamestown South Australia. Paul was the son of a farmer and became a farmer himself.

Cronin left his farm and moved to Melbourne Victoria chasing a TV career. In his early TV appearances Cronin was a bit actor in various Crawford Productions police series, Homicide and Division 4

Paul rose to prominence in 1971 when he was given the roll of a motorcycle policeman Gary Hogan in the police drama Matlock Police. Matlock show ended in 1975 but continued in the role in a spin-off series called Solo One.

The Sullivans
At his peak Cronin became the central role of Dave Sullivan in the popular soap opera The Sullivans that ran from 1976 until 1983. more info on the Sullivans click here

The role as Dave Sullivan won him five Silver Logies for the Most Popular Australian Lead Actor in a Series in 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982 and 1983

Cronin was also crowned 1980 King of Moomba.

After TV
In 1986, Paul was the first person to be granted a licence by the Australian Football League (AFL) to establish a non Victorian AFL team.

Cronin with Christopher Skase lead a consortium to establish the Brisbane Bears. The Bears have since evolved into the triple AFL Premiers - the Brisbane Lions - acknowledged as the best AFL team of the modern era.

He was president of the club from 1987-1989.

Paul is also member of the Patrons Council of the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria.

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Re: 08 July - Paul Cronin - True Blue.

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by Max ADU