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Guest PLEASE READ and Answer.

Unread postPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:14 pm
by Max ADU
GUESTS Please help us ... We really need your help.

Just over a month ago we open areas for you, so that you can participate in this forum. (see list below)

We need to know if your having any sort trouble or problems posting in the forum or that you are having other issues.

A poll was created on the 17th April and over 500 guest and members saw that post with only 34 voting.

You did not vote because you were unable to vote or that you did not wish to vote?

If you where unable to vote could you send us a note by clicking on "Contant" on the top Nav Bar or leaving a "postreply" comment here. Thank you.

If you wish to help CLICK Here

PS you may also send us suggestions in how and what you would like to improve this forum. Thanks again Max.

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 ! ADU - Admin wrote:
Forum Update for guest to the forum

Just to let everyone know ... some of the permissions have change.

Guest may now post and start new topics in the following areas.
Ask A Question
Guest and Members Polls
Australia "Speak UP" - Discussion Area,
and in Open Topics

Please note... Guest may post on one condition that the post does not contain advertising of site or product without permission.

Spammers will be banned,.

Other areas will be reviewed later.