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04 May - First trout fingerling hatch in Australia

Australian Events for the month of May
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04 May - First trout fingerling hatch in Australia

Unread postby Max ADU » Sat May 04, 2013 8:36 pm

Australian History
Wednesday, May 4, 1864

Trout was first introduced to Australia
The first trout eggs introduced to Australia in 1864 begin to hatch.

The term "trout" covers a number of species of freshwater and saltwater fish belonging to the Salmoninae subfamily of the family Salmonidae.

Trout are much sought after for fishing and eating, In Australia they have negatively impacted upland native fish species, either by eating them, outcompeting them, transmitting contagious diseases.

The long journey
21st January 1864,the clipper 'Norfolk' departed England with 90,000 Salmon eggs and 2,700 Brown trout eggs, arriving in Melbourne on 15 April 1864.

80% of the eggs had survived the journey, and then transported to Tasmania, to the site of Salmon Ponds Hatchery (established in 1862).

This was the first salmon and trout hatchery in the Southern Hemisphere, at the Plenty River. This site was selected for the hatchery, as the Plenty River had suitably cold water and fed into the Derwent, allowing the young fish a clear passage to the sea.

The first trout hatched on 4 May 1864, and the salmon hatched the following day. These fish became the base stock for streams and lakes in Australia and New Zealand.

Realesd around Australia
By the start of the 20th century, trout had been introduced to virtually all water catchments capable of supporting them in Australia.

In realising them into our river system, several Australian native species have suffered a decline as a result of introducing the trout, in particular the Barred Galaxias and Mountain Galaxias, as well as the Spotted tree frog.

Today in Tasmania, trout are now the only fish species in many waters.
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